December 11, 6:30am

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"You have a sister? That's so cool, I have a brother! We're twins but he's been in America studying to become a lawyer." So she has a brother. Man this would have been a lot easier if she had a sister cause she would like me but since she had a brother instead, I have to get on his good side.

"That's cool! My sister is my twin as well. We use to be really close before our mom died. After she died, Adrienne went to a private school to get away from everything. But she wants to come home for our last year before we all go off to college."

"Yea Marin is as well, he decided to come home to check out our school before he goes for college. They offered him a scholarship to some college but he's not sure he will accept it yet." I smiled as she smiled. God she's so cute...

The ringing off the bell cut off our amazing conversation. "Well, I guess we'll see you later." Alya started walking with Marinette to leave but I grabbed her hand.

"Um, can I borrow Marinette for a minute?" I asked hoping my blush wasn't seeping through.

"Uh, s-sure. I'll catch up with you later Alya." Alya waved and left.

Still holding her hand, I brought her back to the classroom and closed the door. "Um, I just wanted to apologise for yesterday. I didn't mean anything if I hurt you or offended you in any way. And if you still want to, maybe we can go see a movie or something sometime?"

She wasn't wasn't smiling anymore so I had a feeling it wasn't a good sign. "I'm sorry Adrien, but to be fairly honest, I'm kind of over you now." Imagine a million hearts breaking at once. Are you imagining it? Good, cause that's not even close to how terrible I feel right now."It's just that, I kind of like someone else now. He's sweet, honest, and he stayed with me when I was upset."

She can't be talking about Cat can she?? "Um, who is the luck man?"

She shook her head and laughed. "You'll just think I'm crazy for thinking he could like me. It's not exactly possible."

"Come on, I won't bite. Just tell me, maybe I can help you." Or ask you out tonight...

She sighed. "It's Cat Noir. He was over at my place last night and I don't know, something just clicked. He stayed with me till I feel asleep, he listened to what i was saying and you know that's almost impossible since I talk a lot." We both chuckled.

"Well I think I'll be able to help you out. Every night I see him pass by my mansion when he goes on patrol. Maybe I can get his attention and talk to him. Besides, I heard he liked you too." I winked at her and she blushed like crazy. I quietly laughed.

"Thanks Adrien. And I'm sorry about, you know-"

"No it's cool. I should have taken the chance when I had it, but as long as we stay friends I don't mind."

I have her a small pat on the shoulder and we both left to our next class.

After school, I went straight to an ally. "Alright Plegg, time to transform! Plegg, claws out!"

After transforming, I went straight for Marinette's house. When I got there, she was working on homework. I knocked on the window, frightening her. When she opened the window, I said, "Sorry for spooking you, princess. I just wanted to come see you before I went on patrol tonight."

"Hey Cat Noir, why did you want to come see me?" She studdered. God she's just so cute!!!

I moved closer to her face and I could hear her heart beating faster and faster. "Bacause I wanted to ask you something very important." I leaned in closer, so badly wanting to kiss her but I knew that I needed to wait till she have me the look.

"W-what would t-that be?"

I got so close our lips were only an inch away from each other. "Will you go out with me?"

She gasped softly. I could tell she was surprised since "Adrien" was suppose to tell her later about me asking her out. Quickly but casually, I said, "I ran into Adrian not long after school ended and he told me a certain someone has a little crush on me. And I had to admit I've had one on you for a little while as well." I purred.

"Uh-" Aww! She's literally speechless! She's so cute!! "You do?" I nodded and leaned back. I gave a very red Marinette a wink then climbed into her room.

I grabbed both her hands and we both walked over to her bed and sat down."Listen, I really like you, and it may be a little risky, but I really want to give us a chance if you are willing to be in the risk." I smiled a little sadly, knowing she more than likely doesn't want to be in danger just to be with someone.

"Yes." I froze. She does? She would put herself in danger to be with me?

"You do?!" I smiled and hugged her like there was no tomorrow. She giggled and hugged me back.

For the rest of the night, we talk about when we were kids, she's told me about her brother, and our favorite music when something hit me.

I don't know when it started. But the more time I spent with Marinette, the more I realized we had so much in common.

And I enjoy it.

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