December 11, 6:30am

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3rd person

After realizing his true feelings for Marinette, he cuddled into her and purred for about an hour before going home. After turning back into Adrien, he couldn't sleep all night. All he could think about was how Marinette confenced to him that she has a crush on him, and he denied that he liked her!

God, what have I done? I not only ruined the best friendship I've ever had, but I ruined what could have been an amazing relationship with a very beautiful, very kind hearted girl. Tomorrow, I need to apologize to her, and beg her to go out with me, to give me a second chance.

"What are you gonna do, kid? You love Ladybug, but now it seems that you're falling in love with Marinette."

"I don't know, Plagg. I love them both, but now neither one of them wants to be with me. One cause it risks our lives, and the other I broke her heart. What do I do, Plagg?"

"I don't know, kid. But you should get some rest. Isn't your sister coming home tomorrow?"

Adrien smiled. "Oh right! I was so conflicted with Marinette and Ladybug that I forgot my twin sister was coming home!"

Ever since they lost their mother, both Adrien and his sister, Adrienne,have grown apart. She was accepted into a private school for her art. It was suppose to last three years but she called their father last week saying that she wanted to come back for their last year in high school so she can spend time with them again before they go off to collage.

"Hey kid, doesn't Marinette have a twin brother too?" Adrien looked at him in shock.

"Um, I-I don't think so. Maybe? I don't know but I should get to bed."

After giving Plagg his cheese, Adrien laid down for bed. That entire night all he dreamed about both Ladybug and Merinette. His thoughts would transfer back and forth from hanging out with Ladybug to Marinette.

"Adrien." Adrien turned to see Marinette walking up to him. She put her hands on his face and pulled him closer to her. After Adrien blushed and tried to say something he saw something happen: her face with a Ladybug mask on!

Adrien woke with a start. Wow, what was that?! He looked at his phone and realized he was late for school. "Shit I'm late!" He quickly got up and started to change. When he was done, he grabbed his backpack and started for the door.

Once he got to school, first period had already ended. Marinette and Alya we walking out of the classroom when Adrien ran up towards them. He stopped in front of them, breathing deeply with his hands on his knees. After a few seconds, Marinette said, confused, "Uh, Adrien? Are you ok?"

After a few more deep breathes, he shot up and looked at the girls. His eyes went immediately to Marinette and he froze.

Adrien POV

The second I saw her face, I could hear my heart trying to pound it's way out of my chest. Her beautiful blue eyes, amazing blue hair, her smile, her laugh, the way she loves to help people when they need it.

"Um, Adrien? Hello?" My eyes snapped away as Alya started watching her hands on front of my face.

"Uh, hey guys. What's up?" I laughed nervously.

"You do realized school started over an hour ago right?"

"Yes! I do know that! It's just that I, uh" crap what do I say?! I'm late cause I spent all night thinking about you and how I so badly want to tell you I'm Cat Noir so I can hold you forever and never let you go?! "My father asked me to stay behind to talk about my sister coming home." Nailed it!

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