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Aww! So cute! ☝☝☝😍😍😍


I peddled as fast as I could. By the time I got to the Eiffel Tower, I saw someone flying away! Woah!! A new scope!!

I followed the fying person to a busy street. Damn it! I lost him!

I rode around on my bike for 20 minutes before giving up. I was riding back to school when I saw a guy who looks suspiciously like Marinette walking and texting on the sidewalk, not seeing the angry dog charging for him.

"Hey! Watch out!" He didn't hear me.

I got off my bike and ran towards him, running at full speed. He saw me as I ran in between him and the dog. I started snapping pictures of the dog with the brightest flash on, blinding the dog.

"Wow you look good dog! Smile for the camera!" I snapped five more before the dog finally ran off.

I turned around and smiled at the guy. "Hi! My name is Alya! You should be a little more careful, those dogs are insane if their not on a leash. What's your name?"

He smiled. "I'm Marin. Hey I'm looking for Marinette Dupain-Cheng."

"Oh here, my school is just by her place. You can hitchhike with me." We started walking and I grew curious about how he knew her. "So how do you know her?"

"Oh I'm her twin brother.

My jaw dropped. "No way!"

He chuckled. "Yup. I lived in the USA for the past 5 years with our grandmother but I wanted to come with these guys for my last year in high school."

"That's cool! Oh, the school is right near her place. I'll take you to her bakery."

"Thanks! So hey how do you know her?"

I looked at him and crossed my fingers. "We're best friends. We've been this close for years." We talked for about 10 minutes before we got to the bakery. "Well, looks like we're here. I'll see you around Marin. Hope we can hang out later."

"Sounds like fun. See you around."

3rd POV

When Marin went inside, he saw his parents baking and counting money. Marin smiles, knowing that he was finally home.

Alya looked at her phone and saw that school was already over. Well, I guess I'll just go home. Maybe I'll stop by Marinette's place later to see how she and her brother are doing. As she got to her house, Alya noticed that her sisters and parents were still out. Cool, house to myself for once.

She went upstairs to her room and got onto her laptop to post her Ladybug and Chat Noir pictures to her LadyBlog. After she had posted all five pictures she was able to get before they ran off, Alya closed her laptop and got ready order pizza. Any time Alya's parents and siblings aren't home when she gets home, she's aloud to order pizza or make something that she wants.

After ordering her pizza, Alya went to put on a movie when she saw something glowing by the table. She got up and went over to see a small box in the middle of an empty table. Huh? What's that?

She grabbed the box and opened it, showing a necklace with a very familiar orange fox tail. She studied the necklace until a lightbulb went off. Oh my god! This is the fox miraculous that that Volpina girl had once. You know, before she turned evil. But, why do I have it?

Alya put it on and the necklace started glowing. A few seconds later, a kwami flew out of the miraculous. "Hi!" It said. "My name is Trixx and you have been chosen to become the next miraculous holder." After explaining the rules, Trixx told Alya the powers she had. "Your weapon is the flute. It holds the power to create illusion of your choice but it will disappear once you or someone else touches it. Once you transform, your hair will change colors but don't worry, it's not permanent. Just until you change back."

"Sound great!! Now, how to I transform?" Alya said excited. She couldn't wait to work along side with the other heros.

"You have to said 'Tails up!' to change. Then you say 'Tails down!' to change back to your regular teenage self."

"Awesome! Trixx, Tails Up!" Alya transformed. (This is what she looks like 😍☝🏻) When Alya looked into the mirror in the kitchen, she gasped in awe. She loved how she looked, the outfit, the ears and tail, she even loved how awesome her hair looked.

After a few more minutes of admiring, Alya decided to go check out the city the way Ladybug and Chat Noir do: running and jumping on buildings!

As she explored the city a brand new way, she heard a startling scream. She she looked over to see a car spiraling out of control and was heading straight for Marinette and Marin's bakery!

Alya jumped off the building and ran for the car. When she was in front of it by ten feet, she put her hands up. When the car came into contact with her hands, she used all her willpower to stop the car but it wasn't enough; they were gonna crash into the bakery!

Her illustrations couldn't help her in this case and she didn't have any other powers. Right as she was about to crash, a yo-yo wrapped itself around the car and pulled the car back hard enough to get it to stop.

Alya looked around the car, excited to see Ladybug but was shocked to see a boy about her age with the exact outfit and weapon as Ladybug. Who is this guy??

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