December 13, 6:30 am

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I couldn't sleep. The events of yesterday were planted in my head and I couldn't get them out. After the new ladybug man helped me stop the car, I tried to talk to him but he left right after the car was carefully put back onto the road.

I sighed. I picked up my phone and checked the time. 6:30. Ugh! I have to get up for school in an hour. I closed my eyes, trying to get at much sleep as possible.

Right when I started to finally drift off, my alarm woke me right up. Ugh, damn it...

After gettin dressed and ready for school, I decided to go walk with Marinette to school. Besides, she never wakes up on time so it would be better to wake her up now. I really want to talk to her about yesterday. Did she even see what happened? Did she know that that car almost destroyed her bakery/home? Well, I'll find out in ten minutes.

After getting to the bakery, I was about to call Marinette when I heard something. I looked up on instinct and what I saw shocked me.

Chat Noir was kissing Marinette on the cheek and jumping off her roof!! Oh my god!!! Are they dating?! How long have they been going out?!!? Oh god she'll never admit to me that they are dating since I'm the biggest gossip in Paris since all I ever do is capture any pictures or videos of our heroes.

After finally calming down, I decided just to walk to school without waiting for her. I wouldn't be able to stop myself from asking the questions if I did.

After got to my class, I noticed that Adrien was watching the door, completely ignoring Nino as he talk to him.

"-then he jumped from the Eiffel Tower with Ladybug and I lost track of them there. Uh, Adrien? Are you alright?"

"Yea, just a little jumpy." Huh, I wonder what his problem is?

About three minutes later class started and there was no sign of Marinette. About ten minutes into the lesson, Mari comes in.

"Well well, look who finally decided to join us. You're late, Ms. Dupain-Chang."

"I know, sorry! But I had to show my brother around the school."

"Oh, and is your brother here with us right now?"

"Yes. Everyone," she turned to us and smiled, "this is my brother, Marin Dupain-Chang."

Marin stepped into the classroom and I heard everyone gasp. Hehe, I forgot I'm the only one who's actually seen him besides his family.

"Hi everyone. It's gonna be fun getting to know all of my little sisters friends." Marin smiled.

"Hey Marin." I waved. He saw me and waved at me.

"Hey Alya. I didn't know you were our class."

Marinette looked surprised. "You two know each other?"

I laughed. "Yea I met him when I was walking home yesterday."

All through out class, I couldn't stop staring at Mari and Marin, amazed at how alike they looked.

After class, I walked with them to eat lunch when Adrien and Nino walked up to us.

"Hey ladies, and dude. So, Marin, your Mari's twin brother? That's really cool! How come you never mentioned him?" Nino asked as he waved to Marin. He waved back.

"Because she never wanted anyone to know about me. She hates the fact that her brother is two minutes older than her." We all laughed, even Marinette.

"No I just didn't know if you guys would ever meet him. He's been living in America with our grandmother for a really high tech school." Marinette said.

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