December 10, 10:30

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The rest of the night, all we did was talk about our dreams for the future and what we want to do in a couple of years when we turn 18 (he's the same age as me, awesome right?!). I could tell something was wrong.

"Cat, what's wrong? You look down."

Cat chuckled. "If you think i look down, you should see your face. You're all red and flustered."

"Huh?" i rushed over to my mirror and saw that he was right. My face was red, my eyes looked all watery, and i could see  i had a runny nose. I whipped my eyes and blew my nose then walked back to my bed. "I guess I'm still upset about Adrien, but I'll get over it. If he really liked me, he would have asked me out by now or something." I wipped my eyes once more.

"Yea, i got my heart broken not to long ago so i can understand your pain. I fell in love with my partner, Ladybug, but she doesn't want anything to happen between us because she doesn't want anything to happen to me, but what she doesn't know is how hurt i am. I've been in love with her since that day we finished our first mission together." He let out a small smile. I felt tears falling as i went over to hug him. He was shocked but a second later, he hugged back tightly and started crying into my shoulder. 

After about ten minutes, he let me go. "I'm sorry. I just barged in and forced you to listen to my pathetic love life." He chuckled softly. 

"No it's no trouble! In fact, I'm happy you came. i really didnt want to be alone tonight. Alya and Nino, my friends, are on their date tonight and I'm barely starting to trust Chloe so i didn't want to talk to her about it with her just yet."

"Yea i understand. I still can't believe she actually wants to change. I'm actually quite happy about it though. I know she has a good heart; I'm glad she's finally letting it show in her life."

"Yea, i really hope we become friends but i don't trust her completly just yet. When i make friends, i need them to show me they can be my friend without hurting other people."

Huh, I did see her a while ago folding her own clothes. Badly, but that's a step, especially since her father lost the mayor election."

Wait, how does he know that? It hasn't been announced yet, only the mayor himself and Chloe know.. Hmm, I'll let it go for now, but I'm gonna need to get some answers later.

After talking for about ten more minutes, Cat said, "I'd better go. You have school tomorrow and i have to patrol a few more blocks." Right as he was gonna climb out the window, i grabbed his tail. 

When he turned, i blushed and looked down. "C-could you stay till i fall asleep? I don't want to be alone."

After a few seconds of silence i start to say nevermind until he interupted me. "I'd love to. But don't go freaking out if you hear me purr, i like to cuddle and sometimes it slips out." I looked up and saw his face completly red. I giggled and excused myself to the bathroom to change.

When i came back, i saw him looking at the hat i was making Adrien. "I was gonna make him one last gift before i could finally let him go."

"'One last gift'? What did did you give him before?"

"Well, i made him a scarf for his birthday last year but he thinks his father got it for him. I was gonna tell him i made it but he just looked to happy believing his father got him something nice: I didn't want to crush him. To be completly honest, I'm surprised he still hasn't seen my name on it. Everything i make myself, i sign my name to it to prove it's mine. I don't remember exactly where i put my name on the scarf but on the hat, i put it on the inside. See?" I grabbed the hat from Cat and flipped it over to show my name on it. [picture above]


I stood in shock. Marinette made the scarf?! But, my father- he- he said that he bought it for me! Nathalie gave it to me and said it was from him! I need more information!

"Uh, well didn't you sign a note or something saying it was from you?"

"Well, yes. I put 'To Adrien. Love, Marinette' but i guess it fell of or something before Adrien could see it." More like Nathalie threw it away before i could see it! "But it doesn't matter, after i finish this hat, I'm gonna move on and forget about him. Besides, I'm sure that the other girl is Chloe or someone from our class."

"Hehe, i don't think so but if you think it is, then maybe i can find out for you. I have my ways of getting information from certain people." I winked and I saw Marinette roll her eyes.

"Thanks but, maybe I should just find someone else. Someone who I know feels the same way about me. Someone I know will admit his feelings for me instead of leading me on or leaving me out." She yawned and rubbed her eyes. "Anyway, it's late and I can't afford to be late for school again."

She got the covers over her body and patted behind her. "Well, are you coming?"

I smirked and walked over to her. After getting into bed with her (NOT IN THAT WAY YOU DIRTY PEOPLE 😑😑😑), we looked at each other and I smiled. I never really noticed how beautiful she was.. Her gorgeous blue eyes, her light pink lips, her blue hair. Wow, I never realized how beautiful she is on the outside as much as the inside. With her eyes closed her her deep in slumber, I couldn't stop starring at purr-fect face-heh, cat pun-and her adorable, already crazy, bed hair and how her lips form a cute O shape. I couldn't help but lean in and kiss her lips softly. But right as our lips touched, I pulled back in realization.

I'm in love with Marionette!

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