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Marinette and Adrien haven't been in their hero forms for a while. They keep thinking of ways to contact each other but they keep giving and receiving things to keep them occupied. Hawk Moth must be coming up with a really intense plan both Adrien and Marinette thought to themselves, constantly wondering who the next victim could be and when they would attack.

Adrien would become Cat Noir and constantly visit his friends to check on them when they're not at school. Everyone he visited seemed happy and with their families, including Marinette. Every night would go check on her, make sure she was safe.

And everyday his feelings would grow and grow for her but he didn't know it. He still felt his love for Ladybug but he knew he was developing feelings for Marinette well. Tonight he saw her sewing a hat that looked exactly like the scarf his father gave to him on his birthday. Wait a second... he rushed back home to get his scarf then rushed back to Marinette's house. He her putting the finally touches on it which was her name. He looked down at the scarf and saw in small letters: Marinette.

My father didn't make this for me. Marinette did. He put the scarf on top of the roof and put a rock on top of it so it wouldn't blow away. Then he climbed down and taps on the window. Startled, Marinette looks towards the window and opens it. She looks around for a second till she sees Cat. She smiled and invites him in.

"Cat Noir! What a surprise! What are you doing here?"

"Nothing I just wanted to check up on you. Anytime I'm not fighting with Ladybug, I like to patrol Paris and today I was checking on your neighborhood. I don't mean to be rude but I saw you making that hat over there and I couldn't help but notice it. Who's that hat for?"

"Nobody, just a friend from school." Cat saw her starting to blush and smirked.

"Nobody huh? Then why are you blushing?"

"W-W-Who's blushing?! I-I'm not b-blushing!!" She started laughing nervously. Smirking, Cat was becoming jealous of who she liked but kept his cat face on. After a minute of avoiding eye contact, Marinette signed. "His name is Adrien and he's way to cool for me and sometimes I don't think he knows I exist! And today I just found out that he may not feel the same!" She put her face into her legs and continued to blush like crazy. Cat was shocked to hear she had a crush him, well Adrien, that he gave her a hug.

"W-What are you-"

"You just looked like you could use one." After a bit he let go. "But why do you think he doesn't like you? And why were you blushing?"

The truth was she did like Cat Noir. She liked him ever since Valentine's Day when kissed him but she never realized her feelings for him till today after school.


As Marinette walked to the door of her classroom, she heard Adrien and Nino talking.

"-tell her how you feel, dude. Tell her that you just want to be friends."

"I can't do that to her, Nino. Marinette is too nice and I do really like her, but I like someone else more."

Marinette was heartbroken, but she didn't let that stop her from smiling and fake being happy. She walked into the class and when Adrien and Nino saw her, they waved and said hello. She did the same thing and went her seat. The entire day she couldn't stop thinking about who the other girl could be. She wanted to know so she could see what made Adrien like her more than her.

After school Marinette went straight home. She wanted to finish the hat she was making for Adrien then after she would move on from him for good this time.

I should have known that Adrien would never love a girl like me. I need to move on and find someone else. Nathaniel from school seemed to still have a crush on me since that one time he became akumatized and became Evilustrator. But I don't see him like that...

Marinette looked up and Cat Noir hoping from building to building and her heart skipped a beat. Woah, what was that? Marinette thought to herself. She had no idea where that came from but she just kept walking.

*Flashback over*

After Cat Noir showed up, Marinette knew that she somehow made feelings for Cat Noir. After he hugged her, Marinette blushed like crazy. She didn't know why she was feeling like this until Cat Noir said, "You just looked like you could use one." Then she knew what that feeling was.

Marinette was in love with Cat Noir.

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