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The Demon and Devil

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Shit! Red lights are never good... Oh no. Oh god. I'm going to die. Really? A demon? Right when I leave the room? How the hell is that fair? It's not. I just have the worst luck in the entire world. Yeah that's right, unlucky Claudio. Bleh. What the hell! Am I a black cat or something? Can black cats even give themselves bad luck?

No focus Claudio! I gave myself a mental bitch slap. It's alright; I can get through this... I think.

I turned away from the dead end to continue my impossible journey through the winding hallways. I'm positive I turned left going into the dead end so I'll go right going out... That's how it works right?


I'm screwed.

New tactic, I'm going to go random directions until I meet up with Merikh. If I'm lucky, let the record show that I am indeed not, I won't run into that god forsaken demon the invisible voice was freaking out about.

If I'm lucky.

An ear piercing torturing screech hit my ears. It was loud. Very loud.

Too loud.

I pray it's loud only because of my inhuman senses. Even if it's there I'm not going to cower, I'll fight. I'll go ninja on its ass and send it fucking flying to hell or wherever demons like that come from.

I hesitantly turn. Slowly, this said demon isn't behind me. It can't be. Sadly, it is. I can smell it. I can hear it, even before I can see the damned thing.

A rancid smell spanked my nose. It's a smell that no human could ever describe for the fear that it would crawl out of hell just to suffocate them. Although I'm only half human so I'll do the best of my ability. The stench of rotting flesh, death, and blood, these are a few of the basic scents torturing and taunting my nose, but underlying scents such as wet dog and overripe fruit are there as well.

It was interesting to say the least.

Its screech is hellish. The deafening scream is high pitched and saddening, that of a agonized soul. I can feel myself shaking as the beast scream and wailed, and I feel for the creature. The cry is that of spirit who needs help. Not oblivion.

I fully turned and caught a glimpse of the beast as it rushes past me only to twist around to scratch me with a sharp, blackened claw.

My body reacts better than my brain because I spun out of its reach. Though it's not soon enough, the demon rips the sleeve of my shirt revealing my shoulder and part of my chest.

The demon snarled viciously at me.

I want to close my eyes and take in a deep breath to quiet my rapid heartbeat. I took in three shaky breaths as the beast snarled once more but thankfully, did not lunge. Instead it circles me, looking at me as if I'm here... but not.

Its eyes are white, no color what so ever. I gagged. Its body is a deformed irregular shape with what was a surprisingly sturdy lithe frame. The skin covering this build looks like human skin except being tough and jaundice, burnt and scarred.

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