Chapter 13

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Clarke's pov

The day went by slowly but now it was lunch time and I was able to see my friends. I went and sat down at the table that we usually sit around. I was looking around to see if Octavia, Monty or Jasper were somewhere. I didn't see them and all of a sudden someone sat across from me. It was Bellamy. I had totally forgotten that he sits with us.

"Hi." He said and looked at me.

"Hey, have you seen Octavia or the rest of our friends?" I asked.

"No but, I think that they will be here any second." He said and smiled.

"Bellamy, honey! Why are you sitting with Clarke. You should come and sit with me and my friends, people that are the same age as you." Gina said as she came to our table.

"I always sit here with Clarke, Murphy, Atom and the rest. I like sitting here." Bellamy said and looked at me. When he did that I looked away.

"Gina, that is a great idea. You should join them Bellamy." I said and looked at him. He looked surprised. I don't know why. I think he should sit with her because he chose her over me.

"Let's go Gina." He said and got up.

As they were walking to the table he looked back at me and smiled, I smiled back.

"Hey Clarke! I am sorry it took us so long. We were helping the school plan the winter dance " Octavia said exited as she came to the table with the rest of our friends behind her.

"What winter dance?" I asked confused.

"Don't you remember. They told us about that a couple days ago. It was when you and Bellamy got in that little fight about you looking at his phone." Octavia said.

"Oh yeah now I remember. A winter dance sounds like a great idea, because we don't even have snow here during winter. Could I come and help you guys with that?" I asked and looked at Raven and Octavia.

"Of course! We have a meeting after school you should come. We need any help that we can get." Raven said happily.

"When is the dance?" I asked.

"It is in December, so a little bit under two months until the dance." Octavia said as she finished her food.

"Okay. What class do you have next?" I asked.

"We all have pe now." Octavia answered me.

"I think that we have this lesson with Bellamy's class, because their pe teacher is sick." Jasper said.

Great. Now I have to see Bellamy and Gina.

We finished our food and started to walk towards the gym. I got changed into my pe clothes. I was wearing a black nike shirt and a pair of grey nike leggins.

We were divided into pairs. First they yelled my name and I was hoping to get anyone else but Bellamy or Gina. Then I heard the teacher say Bellamy's name. Oh no, why him?

"Hey partner." Bellamy said with a smile as he walked towards me.

I didn't say anything I just waved. We had these different exercises and the fastest couple to do them got a point. The pair that got the most points in the end won. Bellamy and I were a good team. We won everything.

"Congratulations Bellamy and Clarke you were the fastest pair." said Mr. Kane. Our pe teacher.

Gina was looking at Bellamy and I for the whole lesson and you could see that she jealous.

"Okay, we have 10 minutes left of this lesson so we could do one more exercise. Take you parterns and get on that line. We will have a piggyback race." said Mr. Kane.

I jumped on Bellamy's back.

"Are you ready?" Bellamy asked.

"Yes, let's win this." I said with and giggled.

Bellamy started to run and he ran fast. I almost fell off, but Bellamy tightend his grip. When we got to the other end of the gym we noticed that we were the first ones there. I got down and Bellamy pulled me into a hug. We broke the hug pretty quickly. When I turned around to look at the others I saw Gina, and she looked angry. I don't know why, but I was happy to see her mad. I think that it is because that she thinks that she owns Bellamy and that I can't be friends with him, but I can and I will.

After that our lesson was over and we went to change our clothes. I got there a little bit later than everyone else because I was helping the teacher clean up. When I got there I noticed that my clothes were missing. All that there was left was my bag and a note on it.

The note said: I told you to stay away form Bellamy. I hope that this will teach you a lesson and if you want to find your clothes I suggest you look in the toilet. Stay away from Bellamy if you don't want me to make your life miserable. XOXO Gina.

After I read that note I went into the bathroom and looked in the toilet. I saw that my clothes were ruined. I had no choice but to wear my gym clothes for the rest of the day, but now that was the least of my worries. I need to find Gina.

A/N: Hi guys! I will update this story every sunday, but I don't know how well that will go because I start school again next week, but I will try to keep my promise xx.

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