Ch.2: Strangers

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Chapter 2:

Sherlock ducks behind a pillar as gunshots echo through the room.

"John!" He shouts.

John hides behind a different pillar, leaning out every so often to get out some shots of his own. "Over here!" He responds.

"Did you see where he went?" Sherlock shouts over the noise.

John nods,"He left out the back. You go, I will hold these guys off."

Sherlock nods and quickly makes his way toward the backdoor of the large warehouse. He bursts through the door and stops in his tracks.

His target is on the ground in handcuffs with two men he has never seen before standing above him. One is very tall with long brown hair that reaches his chin. The other is shorter, more stockily built. He has short brown hair and green eyes.

"Sara's gonna be happy," The shorter one comments with a smile.

Sherlock frowns,"Excuse me?"

John then bursts through the backdoor and almost runs into Sherlock. "What are you doing? Did you get him-" John trails off when he sees the two unfamiliar men.

"How do you know Sara?" Sherlock questions them suspiciously.

John clears his throat,"As strange as this encounter is, can we move it along elsewhere?" Gunshot can still be heard within the building behind them.

The man with green eyes nods,"We can talk back at our motel. Just follow us." He turns and leaves with the tall, quiet man.

Sherlock and John share a look before picking up their target and carrying him to their rented car.

"We shouldn't follow them," Sherlock mutters,"It could be a trap."

"They said they knew Sara?" John questions.

"They mentioned her name."

John hums as he drives after the black Impala. "Few people know of Sara. I think we should trust them. Even if things turn bad I think we could take them. We have an advantage on our side."

Sherlock glances at him confused,"Advantage?"

John gives him a deadpanned look,"You are a vampire, if you haven't already forgotten."

"Ooh." Sherlock nods and looks out his window,"Of course. How could I forget?"

John lets out a sigh but says nothing.

They soon arrive at a cheap looking motel and follow the men inside with Sherlock carrying their target over his shoulder. He finds it odd that no one has stopped to question him as to why he has an unconscious man slung over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes, but puts it off as just a cultural difference.

Inside the motel room with their target neatly tied up in the bathroom, Sherlock prepares himself to fire off some questions, but the green eyed man beats him to it.

"Before you question us on how we know your girlfriend, how about I just let her talk to you guys?" The man hands his phone to Sherlock, who is shocked to find his girlfriend looking back at him through a Skype call.

"Sara?" John questions in disbelief, moving close to Sherlock to see her.

She smiles,'I figured this would be the easiest way to convince you that they are truly friends of mine.'

"Why have these men track us down," Sherlock questions a little irked,"We were on an important case."

'Tom escaped.'

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