LXXVIII - Scotland

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(A/n: I'm bored. Let's skip to the wedding. Or the day before the wedding)

 Or the day before the wedding)

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@ScotlandJames: see you at the alter tomorrow my dear. #BrockWedding2018

Username1: I can't wait for pictures

Username2: looking through the hashtag right now and crying because of how fast time has gone.

Username3: so proud of who you've become Scott. You're going to be a great wife and mother some day

Colby_Brock: I miss you already baby😫

Username4: I don't get it. Why are they apart?

Username5: @Username4 it's like a tradition that the groom can't see the bride till the wedding so the day before the bride goes with the bridesmaids and the groom goes with the groomsmen and they don't see each other till the bride walks down the aisle.

Username4: @Username5 okay I get it now thanks.

HaydenMatt: were going to get drunk and show up hungover tomorrow

DevynLundy: ^lol no we're not.

EltonCastee: I'm gonna be in my first wedding and I'm 27 years old.


The next like 10 chapters are not going to have a lot of comments.

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