Chapter Nineteen:

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"Ugh, uncle... why did you have to get yourself into this mess?!" Zuko said to himself. "Now I'm the one who has to save you."

It was already morning and Zuko was still on his rhino going down a path that he thought his uncle went down on.

As he continued down the path, he saw a body laid on the floor a few feet ahead - their back was to him so he couldn't make out a face.

He pulled on the reigns, the rhino coming to a halt.

Zuko cautiously walked over to the body, not knowing if this is a trap or not.

He nudged the body with the tip of his foot and when there was no response, Zuko kneeled down and put his hand on the body's upper arm. He moved the body to face him and widened his eyes to see the girl that was his "prisoner" for some few days.

"You." He whispered. Zuko looked around to see if there were any signs of the avatar or his friends. He looked back down to Ruka, "Where is the avatar?!" He shook her so she could wake up.

She slowly cracked open her eyes, her lips were dry and parted. "Hello love," she slowly reached her hand up to touch his cheek. "You look lovely today."

When her hand touched the prince's cheek, it was ironically cold. "You're freezing. Shut a window, will ya?"

I'm not going to get any answers in the state she's in. How long has she been out here anyway?

Zuko grumbled as he put her arm over his shoulder and picked her up bridal style, "I don't have time for this."

Zuko threw her onto the rhino's saddle before he got up himself. He adjusted her so that she was seated in front of him - his arms around her while he grabbed onto the reigns.

Ruka was unconscious once again. Her head was laid back on the prince's chest.

About half an hour later, Zuko was still on the path when he found a sandal. He hopped off the rhino and walked over to it.

Zuko bent down and picked up the sandal, holding it up to his nose. He took a sniff of it before bringing it away from his face, "Yeah, that's uncle Iroh."

Zuko walked back to the rhino and hopped onto the saddle. He adjusted Ruka again, but this time, it looked like she was regaining consciousness, but not fully.

I need to find uncle Iroh before she wakes up.

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