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Kayla's pov
After I was thinking about Jake he turned up the radio really loud and we basically were screaming the lyrics of the song. Which I had to admit was very fun. But we got back to Jakes house and I said goodnight to everyone and went into Erika's room, Erika still wasn't back so I still have her whole room to my self. I changed into my PJs which was a Calvin Klein gray sports bra and gray sweatpants. I laid in bed and couldn't go to sleep and I was thirsty so I got up out of bed and went into the kitchen to get a cup of water. When I got in the kitchen someone was sitting and the bar table and I couldn't see who it was at first but once I got closer I saw that it was Anthony. "Kayla what are you doing up" "I was thirsty and couldn't sleep" "oh" he replied. We just sat there and talked for a long time when I looked at my phone it was already 3:30 in the morning and I got up to get a glass of water at 12:00. Me and Anthony were really close now. But in a friendship way.

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