May 29th, 2017

Today Sherlyn gets checked out of the hospital and we go home to LA. Logan, Ayla, and the rest of the boys went to go see Sherlyn and pick her up to go back to the villa. Ayla prepared some clothes for her so that she could change out off her hospital gown.

I was nervous. She remembered everything, that means she remembers what happened between us. The notification for twitter startled me. Only seeing Sherlyn's tweet.

"Dude, why are you nervous?" Logan asked.

"I just never got over her so everytime I see her I get nervous," I explain.

"As much as I hate you for breaking her heart, you were better than Greyson," Logan admitted.

"What do you mean?" I questioned.

"After they got together, they've had a lot of arguments. Most were about quitting YouTube and how she should stick to making music and acting. Of course, Sherlyn refused. Only resulting her to say YouTube channel is where she started and where she'll end," Logan further elaborated.

"That's stupid," Jack commented.

"For the last night in Vegas, she slept in my room because one of their fights got really bad," Ayla commented.

"They acted like a perfect couple when it was toxic," Daniel shook his head.

When we arrived we went up and saw her doing some physical tests. All of us were told to wait till she's done. Daniel had a flower crown for her, Jack had her vlog camera, and I had her favorite food from here. Daniel and she have been close from the start which I'm envious of. We found out that he went to stay with Sherlyn when her parents had to go home to their other kids.

Well, Daniel and she have been close since we met. It's like something clicked for them. Made me feel jealous of what kind of friendship they had. Of course, Sherlyn told us that she's taking a break with relationships but a special boy and she could end up together. Ayla went in first to give her clothes, Her parents told us the rundown of what to do.

Someone had to: watch her when she does anything intense at all times, make sure she eats, doesn't lift anything more than 10 pounds, and takes her medicine. Logan said that either Ayla or he could be that person to watch her during the day. Daniel offered to watch her at night and her parents agreed.

Something that both Greyson and I never achieved was getting close to her parents. Daniel and her dad talk a lot. Which was weird because Sherlyn's dad is really overprotective of her. The only boy's her dad's trusted was Daniel. Why? I don't know.

"Introducing the beautiful and talented Sherlyn! Back but currently still healing," Ayla announced.

Sherlyn walked out in a beautiful dress. It was white and she wore sandals with them.

 It was white and she wore sandals with them

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Jack filmed everything. Daniel came up to her and bowed as if she was a real princess.

"For the indescribably beautiful and talented maiden," He presented.

He got up and placed the fresh pink Haku lei on her head gently. 

She chuckled and hugged him carefully

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She chuckled and hugged him carefully. Daniel looked so happy while hugging her. To think of it, he seemed so upset when she dated. Though, he faked a smile and tried to be happy for her through it all.

"Thank you, kind sir, for staying with me while my parents couldn't," She smiled. "And for going to 7/11 to get me Musubi's and milkshakes so late at night,"

They both laughed but she held her chest in pain. He suddenly stopped to check on her. She tried to lie saying she felt fine, but we all could tell she was in pain. Before I could give her the musubi's I got her, we had to go. Her doctor gave her 3 bottles of pink medicine and a measuring spoon to take it.

We went down to the black Durango and went back to the villa. The car ride was filled with singing and laughter. Once we got to the villa, we helped Sherlyn with anything she needed. Immediately after we got inside, she and Daniel went to her room. In the back of my mind, I knew eavesdropping wasn't polite but I still did it.

"So every night once we get home, I'll watch you till Ayla or Logan shows up in the morning okay?" Daniel explains the plan.

"Daniel, I know you're looking out for me and I appreciate it. Just let me pack for our flight tonight and then we can make babysitting plans," She sighed.

"I'm sorry honeygirl, I just want you to heal correctly," Daniel apologized

"I just regained all my memories and everything is too much for me right now," She tried to help him understand. "With the whole Greyson break up and Zach still liking me, I can't help but just want time away from both of them,"

"Zach does like you but does he really know you like I do?" He questions. "Can you tell your dumb pun and song lyric jokes to him?"

"No," She admitted.

"I don't believe he likes you for you. He likes you in the way everyone sees you," Daniel opinionated. "He see's you as a hard worker, passionate about music, very family oriented, and very connected to your fans. He doesn't see the side of you that I always do,"

"I know Daniel and that's why I don't think Zach and I would have a chance! You remember what happened. It could happen again," She reminded him.

I was sick of hiding so I decided to barge in.

"So that's it? Just because I don't know you like Daniel does, doesn't mean that I don't know you," I shouted.

"You see the side of me everyone sees Zach! You never try to joke around with me, it's all romantic crap with you!" Sherlyn yelled.

"Yes, because you're a princess and you should be treated like one!" I argued.

"No, I'm not a princess. There are no happily ever after and there is certainly no villain that tries to hurt me. I'm human, this is real life where shit happens," She argued back.

"Sherlyn enough, you're breathing heavily. You need to rest," Daniel stopped her. "Get out of her room,"

I scoffed and gladly walked out. Who needs her? You do, idiot. I hate that she doesn't care for me the way she used to. I sat outside in the living room and just thought for a while. Daniel walked out and I stood up. He shook his head and walked past me. I tried to grab his shoulder but he yanked himself away. He went to the dining room where everyone is. I followed and sat to eat. Daniel sat next to Jack and began to get rice.

"Where's Sherlyn?" Corbyn asked.

"Sherlyn's resting after what happened," Daniel vaguely answered.

"What do you mean?" Logan questioned Daniel.

"Zach was eavesdropping on Sherlyn and I's conversation. When he heard that she doesn't believe that she and Zach would work out, he got mad and started an argument. She was breathing heavily so I made her take a rest," Daniel explained.

"Zach, what the hell man?" Logan raised his voice. "Eavesdropping?"

I mess up too much... 

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