You Belong To Me ~*Part 2*~

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My Pet’s Possessive Ways

Chapter 11



“What is this?”

“An enchanted ring, all you need to do is just think of me, call my name out three times and you will be instantly transported to me, no matter where you are”

I choked out a laugh, smiling up at him, “You realized I’m trying to get away from you not run straight to you right?”

He placed his fingers under my chin forcing me to look up at him, “No matter how far you go or try to run, you will always be mine; you were made for me and only to be loved by me”





I blushed furiously staring up at him; I moved my head away from him no longer looking in his eyes. “L-let’s go on this stupid date already”

He chuckled, I suddenly felt him wrap his arms around my waist from behind me kissing the top of my head. I didn’t want to move it felt nice. It wasn’t lustful, he held me tenderly just like the last time. Ever since that day I was never able to get his touch out of my head. His arms, his warmth, his kisses still haunt my dreams.

He grabbed the ring from the box while still holding me to him with his left arm; he lifted my hand up slipping on the ring on my finger. “With this I will always be with you, I’ll be one call away from you”

I was speechless, what was I supposed to say to this fool. He entwined our fingers and started pulling me out of the pack house.


We drove out for hours, but finally he pulled over and honestly I didn’t care where we were I just wanted to get out of the damned car. I jumped out and stretched out my arms to the sky hearing my back crack. Ahhh~ the simple joys of life.

 “You acted like the car was on fire” he chuckled lacing our fingers together again. I looked around to see nothing but trees and darkness…….this is a date?

“Adrian where are you taking me?” I looked up at him, starting to get a little nervous. He smiled down at me, with a sly grin on his face.

“It’s surprise”

“I don’t like surprises”  I mumbled tugging on my hand for him to let go, instead he gripped my hand even tighter than before so I couldn’t run. He moved his head down towards me planting a light kiss on my cheek.

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