Chapter 7

            Jonathan took my hand and lead me to the warriors. Nodding his head five approached us. The first, a male around thirty, held out his hand. Still riding the wolf train, I felt my hand come up and instead of grasping his hand I gripped his forearm. If was in control of my body, I'd probably blush right now for missing his handshake but as it was I looked him confidently in his surprised eyes.

            "Well, Alpha, your mate is full of surprises, isn't she? My name is Stephan. Eius honor, Luna (It's an honor, Luna)." I felt an arm wrap around my waist and Jon rested his head on my shoulder. Turing his head he placed a light kiss on my cheek.

            "Yes, she certainly is." I opened my mouth to respond, but my blush beat me to it.

            "Hello, Jon, It's nice to see you again." I felt Jon tense on my shoulder as a blonde stepped into my view.  Clearing his throat he straightened up before turning to face the woman who spoke to him.

            "It's good to see you too, Lucy. " A sense of uncomfortableness came over me, I was beginning to gather the supermodel and Jon had history, and there was something inside of me that bristled at the thought of Jon with someone else. Though I knew that was ridiculous, because a god like creature such as Jonathan wouldn't stay off the market waiting for his so called 'mate'. I took a timid step to the  side, but with a growl from Jon I stopped. Intertwining our fingers he pulled me back to him.

            "I haven't seen you in while. I've tried calling, but there's been no answer." Her voice was soft, almost like a caress. I narrowed my eyes, deciding I didn't like this woman who was blatantly ignoring Jon's hand around my waist.

            "People do that Lucy, when they don't wish to see or hear from someone, take the damn hint. Now give your respect to your Luna." Stephan snarled, obviously sensing that Jon was about to pounce on this warrior woman. Disdainfully, Lucy turned her head to me and held out an arm with narrowed eyes.


            "Pleasure, Luna." Her eyes flitted back to Jon with a cool calculated look. I tightened my grip on her arm in annoyance and her shock filled eyes came back to mine.

            "The pleasure is all mine, Lucy." I forced a smile, not wanting to start anything. Taking my hand off her forearm, her intense stare made me believe that something had already been started. I could feel her mentally ripping me to shreds and I cringed into Jon.

            A sort of transformation came over Jon, when he realized that I was 'in danger'. Wrapping his arms tighter around me he folded me into his body. A growl ripped out of him as I physically shook from it. Peeking out from under his biceps I saw Stephan grip Lucy and pull her away. I heard snippets of their conversation.

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