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"It's about ten thirty Char, you can do this," Derek said to her. I got up and let Derek take my place so I could run back into the house. She needed something but morphine was too strong–she needed her mind.

So I found the whiskey. It was the good shit too, saved it for years. I was waiting to drink it on a special occasion–I guess it's special as hell right now.

I could smell her more than I could before. She smelled so much like a natural born that I would have thought she was if you asked me; without really thinking about it, she smelled stronger–she had been over the last few weeks but now, there was a strange hum coming from her now.

What had the moon brought me?

Those thoughts were distracted when she screamed into Derek's arm. Quickly, I opened the bottle and poured some into a glass for her. She was huffing and Derek was eying the bottle. "You sure?"

"Yap," I said as I held the glass up to her lips so she could drink from it. She swallowed it down fast, so I poured her another that was more full. She started to chug it down until she choked slight, brown beads of liquid spilling over her ivory skin. I pulled the glass away and she caught my hand with her good one and brought it back to her mouth so she could finish it off.


She nodded as she laid back and nodded to me, eyes seeing right through me like they always did. I was scared and it was hard as hell to hide right now.

There was another crack and her arm broke along with some ribs. I tried to wipe her brow down while she struggled to breathe. I thought she would die right there–all we heard was the death wheeze. When I heard that I eyed the adrenaline Derek had ready to go. She was going to need that, I wasn't about to let her die.

"It's around eleven Charlie girl, it's going to get worse. But you've gotta push through."

She nodded and Derek gave her some more water. She was a mix of pants, wheezes, and tears now. I was a mess of inner anxiety and a beast that was pacing back and forth and back and forth.

Her's wanted to come out. Anyone could see that. But if she came out too fast she would kill her and if she took her time she would kill her too. I felt mine walk forward, watching her, almost warning the beast in her to be careful.

All we could do was wait and that was the worst part. It was always the worst part with pups. Lucas laid with his head on my thigh for almost an hour with a broken jaw, busted ribs, and a broken leg before his shift picked up again. I thought I was going to have to yank his beast out myself until he started to push–really push. It was like nothing I ever saw, he just started crawling around the yard until the next thing we knew he was on four legs with fur. He was so tough, so much tougher than me.

But so was she. Charlie girl was tough as hell, anyone could see that.

Her toes were breaking and she as doing all she could to keep it together–we all were. "Was it this bad for you?"

It was hell but I guess telling her that right now wasn't useful. "It wasn't pretty girly, but you can do it. Just breathe through it and rely on her."

Derek was cradling her now while I sat back on a cooler. I didn't want her to see how afraid I was that I felt like I was doing a poor job at it–I knew I was.

Another crack.

It was one more scream and I was holding her. Derek was putting bags of ice around her while I tried to calm her down. She was hot as hell–too hot. I kept trying to wipe her face down but she was just a human puddle right now. "She's too hot Levi."

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