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 *italicized paragraph are flashbacks/dreams/mind links/thoughts

Title from Leona Lewis

Jean’s POV


I watch on my peripheral as Hope make her way toward Chance’s room, still keeping a watchful eye on Dean.

I knew that Eric and Cole didn’t trust him, but I never expected this.

The moment I heard the door slammed close I knew I had much to explain.

I wasn’t planning to tell her now, maybe not during an emergency or in a couple of years, when I finally had the guts to do so.

Not like this.

Never like this.

Cole and I were on our way back after a day of well deserved alone time.

I was dead tired but for some reason I wanted to come home to the Pierce. There was an unsettling feeling in me that didn’t sit quite right with me.


“You ok?” Cole asks me from the driver seat.

I turned to him from the window and forced a smile, “Just tired, that’s all.”

He chuckled, “Can’t blame you there.”

I rolled my eyes and hit him on the arm playfully. He caught my hand and kissed my knuckles again, just like he did earlier, and the whole day- only on other parts of my body.

Before I thought sex was the best sedation and pain killer, but somehow, the unsettling feeling was killing my bliss.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Cole frowned.


“You’re shaking.” He says, as he grabbed the coat that was hanging at the back of his seat and set it over my legs, trying to warm me up. I already had his hoodie on over the minimal clothing I planned to leave on earlier.

“God Jean, you’re shaking.” He says, about to pull over.

The moment he took my hand an image of Hope flickered to my mind, a very scared Hope.

“Hope…” I gasped.

“What? Where?” he looks around.

I’ve watched how Cole and Hope grow close the past few days. I don’t know if it was because Cole lets her do anything she pleases and calmly explains to her when it’s too much.

Or it can be the connection. I thought and my wolf growled in agreement.

I sighed and shook my head.

As long as I don’t think about it Cole wouldn’t find out.

“Sorry, I just…” I sighed and closed my eyes as Cole finally pulled over and gave me his full attention.

“Baby, what’s wrong?” he asked worried.

“It’s nothing…” I forced myself to say and looked up at him, wishing now that I didn’t.

His face was covered with fear, disappointment and guilt.

“Are you regretting that…”

“No!” I sat up quickly and reached for him, wanting to be in his arms again, “God, no Cole… never think of that, please…”

I heard him gave a sigh of relief.

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