Part 105*

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Once Shravan and Pushkar were done with the finishing touches of the arrangements, both of them set out to leave for the Malhotra Mansion.

Malhotra Mansion.

Sumo, Preeti, and Vandy had enjoyed a day full of pampering and fun and now it was time for Sumo to get ready as Shravan had promised to pick her up at 5.

Preeti: Ok Di, I think we had a lot of fun but I'm gunna have to give you enough time to get ready or else Jiju won't spare the both of us!

Vandy: (teasing) Yeah cause we didn't let his JAAN have time to get ready!

Sumo: (blushing) Come guys, stop!! (whining)

Preeti: (laughing) Awe! Di you're so cute!! Blushing and all!

Vandy: Ok Suman darling, we're gunna go and get ready too! Our husbands should be back at any moment!

Sumo: (Laughing) Ok guys. Go and get ready!

Preeti and Vandy left Sumo's room and headed back to their own rooms to get ready. As per the plan that Shravan and Pushkar had made, the whole family was supposed to surprise Sumo by being at the Firm in advance.

Sumo smiled to herself, rereading the note that Shravan had left for her in the morning. He hadn't called her all day and she was so irritated and annoyed with him. But despite that, she was still excited as very to get dolled up, specially for her Prince Charming.

Sumo walked over to the closet and looked around until she found a big gift box with a bow on the top. She smiled and shook her head before taking it and walking over to the bed.

Sumo folded her legs and settled down on her bed before bringing the gift box close to her. Sumo removed the bow from the top and frown when she saw another note attached to it. She carefully pulled it off and read it.

"Give me songs to sing and emerald dreams to dream and I'll give you love unfolding."
— Jim Morrison

The blush on Sumo's cheek intensified as she read the note. "Oh Shravan," she thought.

With that thought in mind, Sumo removed the shiny gift wrap and unboxed Sumo's millionth surprise from Shravan.

When she opened the box and identified the contents, the smile on her face multiplied by 5.

She quickly pulled out the gorgeous outfit and rushed to the bathroom to slip it on. Once she was done wearing it on, Sumo went to her dressing table and looked at herself in the mirror.

Shravan had gotten for her, a beautiful emrald green dress. The dress was simple yet elegant and flowed perfectly off of Sumo's breathtaking curves. The sleeves were 3/4th and had gold work on them. The neck was simple and fitted till the waist, with was adorned in gold thread work. From the waist, the dress flowed out in a high low pattern, with the bottom covered in a gold border. The dress was paired with the same emerald green color leggings with a bit of gold tread work as well.

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