Chapter 12

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We grabbed our backpacks, cameras, phones and wallets before taking a cab to the extraction point for the tour. It was still light out when we found our tour guide, a middle aged man with salt and pepper hair and a perky British accent.

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen my name is David your guide on this tour and welcome... to St. James' Palace. Where we will embark on a journey of the supernatural world" he greeted with a grin

"Raise your hand if you believe in ghosts"  he inquired. A few people -- including Anya -- raised their hands "ah, now raise your hand if you don't believe in ghosts" and again people raised their hands "and who of you could care less but was dragged on this tour anyway" David asked again and I playfully raised my hand. We all chuckled and Anya just smirked at me.

"It has been Saud that each journey starts with but one step..." David started "So, let us do as we're told and take our first steps" he finished as we started walking

We started our tour hitting various notoriously haunted spots as David made jokes and gave us more information of each spot we stopped at. Time was allocated to us to take photos at each stop, but that didn't stop David from making jokes and explaining to us what orbs are in supernatural terms. Anya was ecstatic throughout the whole tour, taking as many photos as she could and I was video recording everything.

It was dark by the time we made our way through the park and headed to Westminster Abbey. David made a joke about how he would be waiting for us at the other side of we failed to cross the street the first time around. I like David, and his incredibly gringey jokes.

We walked over the Westminster Abbey Bridge where Jack the Ripper allegedly took his own life by plunging into the river. Admittedly this was my favorite spot. We finished our tour at -- what David said -- was a hunted pub, and most of the tourists departed but not before one last joke a friendly greeting from David.

Anya and I decided to grab a drink at the pub and was surprised to see David also sitting at the bar. We went up and spoke to him and found that he had been giving haunted tours of London for 27 years. I'm almost positive he knows each ghost by name... He only stayed for a hour before he had another tour to lead.

All the way back to the hotel Anya excitedly spoke about the tour, David, new friends and haunted facts she knew about. I loved listening to her talk about things that excite her even if it was as silly as ghosts.

"Hey, Demi?" Her voice pulled me out of my own thoughts

"Hmmm?" I hummed in response

"Do you... um... maybe, wanna... come and watch a movie or two with me?" She stuttered out her question

Cue my evil smirk "did that your scare you sunshine?"

"No" she answered offended "I just, don't want to be alone tonight okay?"

I chuckled "sure sunshine. Let me just set my stuff down and I'll be right over"

I jogged to my room dropped my backpack on the floor and quickly changed into my... sleepwear? Okay boxers and a plane black t-shirt. I grabbed my phone, room key and wallet and headed back to Anya's room. I felt a little awkward standing in the hall knocking on Anya's door in my -- basically -- underwear. Come on Anya. Open up already... when she finally opened the door waving me in not even looking at me as she continued the conversation she was having on the hotel room phone. Guess she's ordering room service.

My heart stopped. Her hair brushed her arms as it fell down her back, the lavender tank top clung to her body like a second skin and the pink cotton boxer shorts made it hard not to stare at her oh so heavenly ass... No! Stop it Demitri! Get your head out of the gutter before you have nowhere to hide your excitement! I scolded myself as I cleared my head and closed the door behind me.

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