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Shout out to Haydenislame I love there books so much! Once I found out they wrote I fell for the bad boy and they acually talked to me and gave me an idea, I got so exited. Thank you so much I love your books!! ❤️


Raegans POV

We get up and leave when class is almost over to go get our stuff for last class.

Social study's was normal and Boring.

After school I walked Justin home.

I kissed him goodbye and he asked me, " wanna go somewhere with Kale and Jack later?"

"Sure" I reply. I smile and walk off to home.

I text the groupchat.
(Jay💕- Justin Jack😝-Jack Kale🙄-Kale R-Raegan)

R- wana go to the mall, Jay asked

Jay💕- when?

Jack😝- I will go if Kale goes!


R- when do y'all wanna go?

Kale🙄- An hour?

Jack😝- I don't care

R- Jay?

Jay💕- Sorry, my friend Jackson is using my camera to film upstairs needs me. Text me when I should get ready. ❤️

R- in thirty minutes? I will pick you up in an hours baby boy ❤️

Jay💕- Okay! Bye ❤️

Kale🙄- bye Justin

Jack😝- see you soon!


I get ready and set an alarm on my phone. I sit on the couch and play on it untill it's time to go.

Justin's POV

I walk up to My room from where he was calling me.

When I walk in I see him filming trying to put contacts in for a review video.

"Where's my glasses?" He asks

"Haha I saw them on the table downstairs. Leme go get them." I say, running down the stairs.

"THANKS!" He shouts after me.

I return with them and give them to him.

I sit and watch him.

I get a text from Raegan,

(Daddy😍- Raegan J-Justin)

Daddy😍- getting ready?

J- Ah! Im about to!

Daddy😍- Good!! Im picking you up in 30 minutes!!

J- I know!

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