Harmony's POV:

So, i went into my pnik walled room. It was amazing! the walls very pretty pink, and the bed was a queen white bed. There was a white dresser in front of me with a TV on top, a bookshelf, and a pink oull ut chair with a litle pink carpet. There was a window next to the chair. I opened the blinds and light poured out. I walked ounto the balcony, peered out and saw the driveway below me. The sky was clear of all fuffy clouds and the sun was shining.

I closed the blinds again, this time to change. I changed into my black tight skirt, white tanktop, and overshirt that was gray and green. Not to mention my skin color tights and gray witha green bow shoes.Also i added green eyeliner, little more blush, shiny lipgloss, and mascara to complete the look.

"Harmony! We Gotta go!" Jade called as i slipped on ym shoes.

"I'll be right down!" I called back, racing down the stairs.

Jade took one look at me. She had changed into a black tight dress and black ripped tights with a leather jacker.

"YOU LOOK AMAZING!" She hugged me tightly.

"SO DO YOU, GIRL!" I squealed, motioning to her body. She was so gerogous.

"Okay lets go." I said and she literally pulled me of of the door.

Ross's POV:

I sat up after listening to Rocky talk about Harmony. God, if he wants her that bad, he can have her. Besides, i barley even know her. Meeting her and having my stomach flip was a fluke. Nothing but a fluke. What Harmony and Rocky have is first love, and i really don't wanna be a 3rd wheel. besides, HES MY BROTHER! I can't interfear like that!

"GUYS GET YOUR BUTTS OUT HERE ITS TIME FOR ICECREAM!" Riker called and i made my way down that stairs.

Riker was all dressed by in black dress pants, a black T-shirt, and sneakers.

All of us: Rydel, Ratliff, Rocky, Ryland, me, and Riker were going for iceream.

I rolled my eyes and got in the car, putting in my black earphones and pressing play to my album called, 'The Fray Songs<3'

Harmony's POV:

I sat down, taking a bit of cookie dough icecream. I didn't like cones. they just spillled all over me.

I looked out, enjoying the suset.

Jade and I had pulled up the icecream shop ther was in the middle of the park. All the trees were shinng in the sunset. the colors were a pretty orange color, blood red, and light purple. I sighed and wished that i had a boyfriend.

I saw the boys and a girl apporach and i pertended like i didn't see Ross but my heart started beating a mile a minute. I sighed. 

"Hey Harmony." Rocky sat down next to me with choclate icecream on a cone. "Wanta meet everyone eles?"

"Yeah i'd love to!" I smiled, trying to act charming. When we were walking back and Rocky introudcted me to: Ratliff, Ryland, and the girl, Rydel. I got to know them for a bit, then went to sit under a tree, reading a book and suddenly wishing i was somewhere eles.

"Hey want some company?" I looked up and saw Ross.

Ross POV:

I had no fucking idea what went into my head as i walked up to Hamony and asked her, "Hey want some company?"

She smally smiled, and i sat down next to her. I looked closer and saw she was crying.

"What's wrong?" I asked her.

She just froze, wiped her tears away, and shook her head.

She fake-smiled, "Nothing. I'm fine."

"Do you think i was born yesterday? Darlin, what's wrong?" i said, calmly. 

"Nothing... nothing... It's nothing." She said, and tried to smile.

I figured that if she wouldn't tell me why she was crying, then i would just stop her from crying.

"Come with me." I said, helping her up to her feet.

"Where are we going?" She asked, looking up into my eyes. Holy, she had the prettiest eyes. Oh WHAT THE HELL AM I THINKING??? MY BROTHER LIKES HER!

"Just for a walk," I replied, trying to ressure her.

"Alright," she said and we went for a nice around.

Harmony's POV:

"So what made you move in with Jade?" He asked, suddenly very curious about my past life. I sighed.

"Well my parents decided to move to china for a bit, but didn't want to take me with them. so Jade offered i stay with her, and i thought it was a brilliant idea so here i am." I replied, looking up at the sky, not wanting to look at him and fall head-over-heels for yet ANOTHER guy.

"Oh. That sucks." Ross replied, trying to confort me.

I shruged, "Well if i wasn't here then we wouldn't be talking and i wouln'nt have done this." i kissed his cheek and blushed as he smiled.

" I have to go! " I said suddenly, jerking up and running to Jade. "I'll cya later, Ross!" I called running towards Jade to tell her.

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