The dream

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The dream

There is only the faint hum of the dryer and the ticking of the clock.

The hospital had phoned her and told her that her son had been killed in an accident. As she gets ready for the funeral a thousand thoughts are running through her mind but most of all she doesn't want to believe that he's dead. God it only feels like yesterday since she last talked to him.

"Danny, I don't want you going to the party and that's finale!" she screams.

"Mom I promise I won't drink and drive. Why do you always do this to me?" Danny yells in defiance.

"Because I love you and care for your well being."

"I'm going and that's it!" Danny states in a matter of fact tone, he then storms through the house to the front door. For a second he stops as if he's going to say something then he opens the door and slams it behind him.

She wakes up to the window creaking and a slight breeze going through her room. "That's odd." She thinks "I don't recall opening the window." She gets up and sits on her bed and then she sees it: a set of muddy foot prints leading from the window through her bedroom and into the hallway. She holds back a scream realizing that if she does scream whoever is here will hear it. She silently reaches for her bedside phone but picking it up she hears nothing on the line. "Of course." She thinks "This always happens in these situations just like in the movies." A thousand thoughts go running through her mind and then it hits her: Danny's baseball bat! She still hadn't gotten around to cleaning his room out -she never thought she would- so she quietly heads out into the hallway and glances at the footprints. They lead into the kitchen. She holds her breath and heads into Danny's room. She lets out a sigh of relief when she sees the bat on Danny's bed. She picks it up and heads into the kitchen. When she gets there she drops the bat and it clatters onto the floor- standing before her is Danny covered in mud and in the suit he had on at the funeral.

Before she can react Danny speaks "mom I have missed you." He moans -mud and sand falling out of his mouth as he does so-.

"Danny how....."

"Shhhhh come here I want a hug," whispers Danny a small smile starting to form on his lips.

"You're so pale," She exclaims as she heads over to Danny and places her arms around him. Danny puts his arms around her and they embrace.

"You should have cared more you bitch." Danny whispers as he pulls out the knife he had behind his back and plunges it into the side of her neck. She felt warm and like she was floating, her last thoughts confused as to what has just happened. The last thing she hears is Danny laughing.

She jumps out of bed sweat running down her face. "It was just a dream." She thought "It was all just a dream." She gets up and heads to the kitchen opens the fridge, pulls out a beer and starts to drink it. She walks into the living room and notices a slight breeze running through the kitchen- she looks and sees the back door open and being blown by the breeze and then she sees it: a pair of muddy footprints leading out the door. Her beer drops.

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