Chapter SIX ♡

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// Kayleigh's POV //

I woke up in an unfamiliar bedroom
With two beds
And I'm in the middle of it

I still feel sick.
"Oh hey you're awake" said a boy
"Harvey?" I said
"Yep" he said
"Why am I here?" I asked
"Because you were drunk last night and I decided to take care of you—" he stopped
"Okay? Why do you care so much about me?" I asked
"Because.... you're one of the victims" he said
I'm confused

"What do you mean 'victims'?" I said
"Jack and his friends mixed juice and loads of alcohol and make some girls drink it to get all girls" he explained
I nodded
Why me?!

"Do you feel any better? You were really sick last night" he said
"Yeah, I feel better... I guess"
He nodded
"Want breakfast?" He asked
"Sure" i said and stood up
I followed him downstairs and went to the kitchen
"Hi, Kayleigh" a woman said
"Hi... Mrs. Mills am I right?" I said
"Mhm" she said
"Take a seat Kayleigh, i will serve breakfast in a bit" she said
I sat down next to Harvey who is currently looking down
"You alright?" I said
He quick looked at me and looked back down
"Yeah I am" he said

We ate breakfast peacefully
Max came in with two other kids
"Hi!" Said a little girl
"That's Tilly and that's Leo" Max pointed out
"Are you Harvey's girlfriend?" Tilly asked
"Me?! No, I'm not his girlfriend" i said
I saw Harvey blush a bit
"Uh no she's not" he said
"Then why are you with him?" She asked
"Uh..." i said
"Well she... she was tired last night and decided to sleep here" Harvey said
"Okay" Tilly said and walked to the living room
"Sorry, she could be annoying sometimes" he said

"Harvey! Can you wash the dishes please?" Shouted mrs. Mills from upstairs
"Okay" Harvey said and went to the sink
"I never knew you were a good boy hm" i said
He ignored me and continued washing the dishes
"Ahem?" I said
He looked at me and raised an eyebrow
"What?" He said
"Why are you ignoring me?" I said
"I'm just not in the mood" he said

"Hey Kayleigh, wanna go to the trampoline?" Max said
"Of course"
We both went to the backyard to his trampoline
We did loads of tricks on the trampoline
Then someone threw water balloons at us
"What the hell?!" Max said
"HARVEY!" I screamed
"What?" He chuckled
"I'm just having some fun" he raised his arms in the air
"Fine" i said and threw a water balloon at him and Max

We all chased and threw water balloons at each other until max got called by their mum
"I'll be right back" Max said
I decided to throw a water balloon at Harvey but i missed
"Oh wow Kayleigh" he said
I shrugged
He went closer which freaked me out
He put his arm around me
He threw a water balloon on my head
"WHAT THE" i said
"Aww your hair's wet" he said
I threw a water balloon back and i finally got him
"Hey!" He said

We chased each other around the garden until we got tired and sat under the tree
We both looked at the sky
"Its beautiful out here" i said
We stared at each other with smiles plastered on our faces
I just realised
He was getting closer
But then we heard Max
"Harvey! Kayleigh!" He screamed
We both turned around
"Oh uhm" Harvey said and looked down
"We should definitely go inside" i said

We went inside and i said goodbye to the Mills family
"Bye, thanks for letting me stay last night" i said
"No problem. Harvey is such a good boy" Sara winked
I chuckled

I walked back home thinking if Harvey likes me
No. He doesn't. He probably just... I don't know...

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