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[June 22, 2017
9:50 am]

Ji Soonhoon didn't look a hacker but a annoyed boy who parents left him at school. However Hunter could see on his face that he didn't take any bullshit from anyone. 'We'll time to, test that' Hunter thought eyeing the suppose top hacker in the world.

 'We'll time to, test that' Hunter thought eyeing the suppose top hacker in the world

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Ji Soonhoon [Woozi]

"I thought you said Ji Soonhoon was a man not a preschool girl." Hunter commented ignoring Issak sending him a glare. The older man knew that Ji wasn't one to take insults lightly regardless of who they were from.

Ji smiled revealing his bright white teeth, "Cute did Zheng teach you that. I would have thought Zheng would have picked someone more, just more everything." Ji added bluntly not bothering to seem innocent.

Issak laughed loudly while Hunter and Ji stared each other down eyeing each other for any type of weakness. Issak found joy in the disrespect because it wasn't everyday that someone would knew who exactly Hunter would returned the remarks without fear.

The room was silent until Ji and Hunter both busted chuckling at each other. Hunter liked Ji, he reminded him of himself and that was always a plus. "Nice to meet you, Ji." Hunter announce holding his hand out to the slightly smaller man. Ji chuckled, "Nice to meet you too, Hunter." shaking the outstretched hand.

Ji was silent for a moment taking into the information that Hunter just gave him. He was running though situations in his mind before nodding.

"Okay let me get all this straight, to make sure I got everything. You want me to get into Administrative Maximum Facility in Fremont County, Colorado? One of the top prisons in the world, just throwing that part out there. Get Zheng out of the prison without anyone noticing. Keep in mind your husband is currently number two on the most wanted list also just throwing that out there. I mean look at-"

"Wait? Number two on the most wanted list that's bullshit. Who's number one?" Hunter asked rudely cutting Ji off who stared at him with a face of disbelief.

Hunter couldn't believe that Zheng was number two. His husband deserved to be in the number one spot.

"Hunter." Issak choked out between his chuckles at his friend. He couldn't handle Hunter sometimes when he was like this. Ji gave Hunter a unamused look but the other was already on his phone googling who number one on the most wanted list was.

"Joaquín 'El Chapo' Guzmán. That sounds like a bitch name. He's barely even a threat. I bet he only made the number one spot because he runs some stupid underground Mexican drug ring." Hunter muttered.

"You are a child." Ji stated.

"Well you look like a child." Hunter snapped right back. He completely ignored Issak laughter in the background silently hoping the man would choke.

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