Chapter 2: travel

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Samuel ran to his 'home' which was more of an apartment,but he had no where else to stay.
He laid on his bed and cried himself to sleep, he was publicly humiliated in front of a crowd and the one who started it all was a guy named Alexander! He just wanted nothing else but to go to England, so he decided he'll buy a ticket and leave. A few minutes later he fell into a deep sleep.

They next day Samuel woke up to voices our sound his apartment, as he went to look out the window to see who it was and he saw Alexander and his goonies outside yelling about they deserve freedom and they started throwing things at his home, though he didn't really care because he was leaving anyway. Sam ignored them and he went and took a bath wishing he had soap but only rich people had that. He got dressed and started to pack which really wasn't much, a few books, one more pair of clothes, a quill and parchment, and snacks, now all he had to do was buy the ticket.

Sam went to the pier and bought himself a ticket (which costed a lot but he managed) to got to England and he also found out that it would take about a week to get there so he hoped he won't get bored during the long travel.

As Sam boarded the giant boat and he started to find his room which was 27b, he saw 25b,26b,27b there! He unlocked the door with his key and he sat down on the creaky bed. I mean this is a better living space then my old place.

I start to unpack my which isn't much and it's already night so I guess I should sleep I have a long week ahead of me and it's only the first day!

I woke up to not a sound of yelling or gun fires,I woke up the calming sound of the ocean. I was fully recharged and pretty hungry so I went down to eat something for breakfast.

A few days later....

Sam woke up to the ship coming to a stop, finally, a week doing nothing coming to a end and he'll be meeting up with the king! I'm so excited! What if he misses me? Or what if he doesn't even remember me? A small part of his mind thought. He sighed and walked out of the ship and looked around. London. Just as I remembered. He started to walk to the Buckingham place.

"Excuse me, this is royal property, do you have permission to enter?" A guard asked and I got really nervous," y-yes," I show them my speech and point to the signature of the king,"hm, you can enter," he mumbled and I start to walk in, it was so beautiful, the marble floor and velvet chairs,china cups, a giant chandelier and a-" Samuel is it you?" Said I voice that got me out of my thoughts and I saw it was the king.

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