Bts Rap Monster Smut "Daddy's good girl" 1

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"Come over Joonie..." You bit your lip, running your finger around your bare flesh. Each second threatening to get closer to your jeans as his voice echoed through your ears. "I miss you daddy."

"I miss you too princess." He whispered making you roll your eyes back with a groan as two of your fingers were pushed down to your panties. "I can't wait to get home."

"Please hurry...I'm all wet for you daddy. I need you right now Namjoon." You moaned moving your fingers over your clit in circular motions. "I need your body, I need your dick, I need you to throw me on the bed and pound into me, I need your manly hands pulling on my hair as you bite down on my neck...Please daddy..."

"Stop Y/n you'll get me in trouble...Both of us in trouble!" He groaned on the other side of the phone.

"What did I do daddy?" You giggled, entering two fingers into your wetness.

"Making daddy hard while he's in practice...You know what's going to happen." You felt him grinning.

"Please daddy...Don't do anything to your little one. I'm fragile."

"Oh really? Maybe daddy thinks about your offer, if you stop this and wait for me like the good little girl you are."

"Ok daddy...I'll be here just laying down...Thinking about you, how bad I want you to fuck me...And touching myself..."

"Fuck you Y/n." He hung up before you could do anything.

Few minutes had pass and you felt your high coming, it wasn't hard when all you were thinking about was him...indeed you felt close more than once, as you worked on yourself each second closer, but you wanted to save yourself for Namjoon.

After struggling not to cum, the front door made a sound...Your legs turned weak as you failed getting up to greet him, instead you just stayed in your room, laying down totally naked and legs wide open as your fingers slowly slid in and out of you...Waiting for him.

"Y/n!" He screamed storming into the room, already torning his clothes away.

"Daddy..." As you let out that word he had your body under his control, you were now on your knees on the floor, he was sat in your bed, and soon pulling your body closer to him, undoing his pants. "No boxers...? You're the naughty one here Namjoon." You bit your lip, mouth already watering to the sight of his dick poking out.

"Shut up and end what you started."

"Yes sir..." You smiled up at him, coming even closer, running your tongue over his tip. He wasn't the easy moaning guy, if you wanted to hear a sound coming from him you had to work for it. His member slid further and further, your cheeks always tightly sucked up around him. You took your time trying to get him all inside but he wasn't in good mood after what you had done to him. His hands were already tightly gripping your hair bobbing your head up and down fastly, also thrusting up, making you gag as he repeatedly hit the back of your throat. He was enjoying your gagging sounds finally letting out quiet moans, making you work faster.

He left his body fall down on the bed, now grabbing your head in place, thrusting up fastly.

"Hmm yhea babygirl...Daddy loves that your mouth so much..." He groaned, as his member started throbbing in your mouth. He forced himself up, so he could be pleased by the sight of his cum shooting on your face. Your head was pushed away from him as he jerked off keeping you close, finally cumming. His hot seed dripping down your chin as you swallow what got in your mouth. "Who's daddy's good girl?" He smiled down at you moving his finger around his cum leading it to your mouth, where you gladly suck it. "You're daddy's good girl aren't you Y/n...You're such a good girl, and most importantly you're MY good girl. But that won't save you from the punishment Y/n...Daddy's still angry."


Heyy y'all I feel like my stories are turning out shit lately but still I hope you can enjoy it somehow. I love you guys SO MUCH AND THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE SUPPORT IT ALL MEANS SO MUCH TO ME... You can't even imagine. 

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