No Choice Part 1.

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After our reckless and childish week that we all spent together we had to get back to the real world and believe me when I said we weren't happy. Y/n and the guys were packed with interviews and shows while they girls and I were packed with runway shows and fittings. I was busy doing a few photoshoots along with runways.

It was a little frustrating since Y/n and I couldn't really talk for long since we were in different time zones and the fact that we were packed with work. Since the girls were all in New York we thought why not meet up since we had a few things to discuss and since we finally had time to relax. I was busy getting ready when I heard the door open and close.

Bella:"Kenny!"She yelled making me laugh a little as I put my chain on.

Kendall:"In the room!"I yelled hearing them walking up the stairs. Y/n and I bought and apartment in New York since I come here a lot for modeling and she comes here a lot for shows and interviews.

Gigi:"Is this an apartment or a maze?!"She groaned out walking in making the others laugh but nod.

Hailey:"Seriously though...we always get lost when we come here"She said sitting on the bed with the others making me laugh and slip my shoes on. 

Kendall:"You will get used to it...We used to get lost at first as well"I said making them nod.

Kylie:"Why such a big place anyways?"She asked making me shrug.

Kendall:"Y/n said it'll be nice especially if you girls come in town... We can all have a sleepover instead of staying in an hotel"I said making them smile and nod getting up.

Hailey:"I wanna date Y/n"She said making us all laugh and walk downstairs. As soon as we exited we were mobbed by paparazzi making us shield our eyes and security escort us to my car. We got in and sighed feeling relieved.

Gigi:"Is it just me or are those fuckers getting worse?!"She said making us all nod and buckle up.

Bella:"No it isn't just you...they've been going insane since Y/n and Abel came back from tour..."She said making me nod in agreement and start the car.

Kendall:"Y/n almost knocked one of them out the other day..."I said making them look at me wide eyed"They were asking millions of questions and Y/n being Y/n got annoyed and went to knock out the guy before security handled it"I said making them laugh a little.

Kylie:"I swear your girlfriend has the worst temper"She said making me shrug and focus back in the road.

Kendall:"She doesn't like being asked to many questions and they were asking questions about all of us so you know how Y/n gets"I said making them nod. We drove over to this place near the apartment and got a table.

Hailey:"I'm starving!"She said looking through the menu making us all nod and look through the menu as well. We ordered our food and drinks and sat back catching up with each other.

Kylie:"I can't believe the MET gala is just around the corner"She said making us all nod.

Gigi:"I know!"She said.

Bella:"I'm excited though since we get to see all the people we haven't seen in forever!"She said making us all nod. 

Kylie:"So I'm guessing we all have our dates?"She asked making us all nod.

Kendall:"Oh yes and Y/n in a suit is sight to see"I said making them all smirk.

Hailey:"Kenny's going to be drooling the whole night girls"She said making me blush and look down. 

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