15. You were the love of my moment

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"I've loved to go crazy, but what they call madness, to me is the only sensible way to love"
I guess what they say about loving someone and setting them free is true because that's all I've been thinking about lately.
I don't own you, Yoongi.
And I have never owned you.
I trust faith and I trust destiny because I believe in it but I also believed in our love and you see how that turned out.
But I do think that maybe our destiny wasn't to last forever but you sure were my soulmate.
It still amazes me the way we used to fit, not only physically, even though I always told you how well our figures were perfect for each other.
But something more emotional.
The way we were each other's balance.
And I guess that's why it hit me so hard.

Yoongi-hyung, you do not have to worry, alright?
Don't worry about me because I'm taking my medicines and my treatment is lighter because I am, in fact, better.
Don't worry about awkward situations because I just want to be friends again and I really hope you want the same thing.
Fuck the "if you're back to being friends with your ex, it's because you never loved them enough".
Because I did love you and that's why I need you back.
And who knows, maybe open that lamb skewers restaurant.
I hope Hobi is treating you the way you deserve and you're also treating him the way he deserves.

You maybe weren't the love of my life but you sure were the love of my moment and I wouldn't take any of that back.

 I will never forget you, Yoongs, but maybe it doesn't have to be bad.
I will always remember your laugh and which jokes caused it.
How your face lit up when you saw me bringing breakfast to the sofa for us.
Sweet words and untold moments shared.
Life is life, isn't it? we're just going trough it, we can't do anything but live it.
And I'll always be grateful that I got to live a part of it with you.
Thank you, Yoongi.

Forgetting progress: Fuck off.


The end.

Should I do a narrated chapter?

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