Rosa's In Town

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I watched Rosa set up her sleeping bag on my floor. She was going on and on about how school was so different.
But she looks to be in great health. I just smiled and listened. She finally looked at me and laughed. "So what about you girly?" She asked and I slowly regretted what I was about to say.
I grabbed my phone and handed to her. She opened the phone and went and looked at Pawbook.
It was an old website I used as an escape from the bullying. Her eyes widened at the comments and she quickly hugged me. "Gosh damn I'll make sure they regret messing with you." She hissed and I laughed as a tear fell. "It's fine. Their not as bad as they used to be. Just as long as they don't hear I'm dating someone." I said and she nodded. "Let's go on a walk. Show me the town a bit." She said as she got up and held out her hand. I wish she could move here.. She'd be perfect to have around.

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