Sun,Sea,Sand,Friends and... a baby!?

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Hey guys,,, I won't write on this very often and it's my first story so i haven't a clue what i'm doing but we'll get by ;) 


So yeaah ;) 


A BABY...? i asked in shock.

"Yes" they replied in unison..

I didn't think a three letter word could change someones life so quickly and dramatically; I was  going to be a big sister...

Within seconds i realised i would be in the way more. Hay-ho, More time to spend with my boy and my girls i thought.

I turned around and said in a bitter-sweet voice "oooh, have fun raising your baby i'll just go get invisible..." Then i stormed of to my room and flopped on my bed with mixed emotions.I grabbed my flashing mobile and started to open the text messages in my inbox..

Lola:Hey livvia!

Wanna go down to the beach later,Love you xxxx

Olly:hey babes, 

I was thinking of a BBQ on the beach later.. you up for it?? xxxx

Holly:hey Sexyy! ;) Beach later..? <3 xx

A huge grin broke out on my face... what can be better thann spending the night on the beach with the people who mean most to me?

NOTHING!... at least i think nothing... 


SOOOO,, Whaat d'yaa think??

vote and comment pleasee!

Plus cover ideas??