14. I can't go back to you because you can't come back to me

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Hyung, I know you said I should stop with the letters but I guess it's a part of my routine every now and then.
So I hope you don't mind this, only a little more, until my feet feel light again and the constant pain eases.
Which is ironic.
That's what happened when I started to fall in love with you.
I felt lighter, pain gradually fading away, having love as a filler of the empty space that it left on my body and now that love is gone i stay empty and blank like a canvas waiting for me to paint on it.
I guess I used that very cliché explanation to say that I need to move on and even though I felt butterflies when I looked into your eyes I can't go back to you because you can't come back to me.
And I guess that will never stop hurting.

Forgetting progress: Fine. I guess.


Just to clarify!
What happened on the last chapter was that Yoongi and Jungkook saw each other again. What Yoongi meant by "I can't keep being your imaginary friend" was basically that Jungkook had to stop sending him those letters and move on (and yes, grow up)

This is coming to an end so... yup

btw I'm honestly so in love with the chapters' titles

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