Chapter 2- The Entrance Exam

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(Third person POV)

The school grounds were flooding with people, hopeful students and people who had been training their whole life to get here. Among them stood (Y/n), her head held high while nervous jitters wracked through her bones, all the different shapes and colours of the potential students exhilarated her.

What she didn't seem to notice was the boy from above watching her with a small smile as his blue and grey eyes scanned her and the other students.

" I'm watching, so how much of a threat are you... (Y/n)"

(Your POV)
Entrance exam - auditorium scene
This is finally happening I thought, as I heard Present Mic began to explain the exam to us - apparently we were to battle... Robots? Each with a different number of points, and there were zero pointers which is quite strange, but all in all the exam is simple enough to understand. I glanced around me to get a grasp on what I'm up against- I saw a girl who looked like a frog, a really angry blonde haired dude - ooh crap he saw me looking at him and I think that look is of someone who wants to kill.... Uh a cute girl with a brown bob, a guy with weird eyebrows and engines in his legs and a small freckled boy with green hair who I think I saw almost fall earlier.

As I was pondering on all these people I had just seen, I couldn't help but notice that "Shoto" was missing, could he already be above? I was driven out of my thoughts as the whole auditorium of students seemed to rise and leave to their respective entrances for the exam.

As I arrived at the gate, I saw everybody else warming up and stretching, but all I could do was stop the excited wind from escaping my hands, or the fire trying so hard to be set free. As Present Mic's voice rang out, signalling the start, I gathered my wind and set it on my heels as I went into a racers starting position, the gates opened up-

I'm ready.

(Third person POV)

As the gates opened up all the candidates started to rush out... But that was before a wave of wind came from behind as (y/n) started off with her wind propelling her. As she neared the first robot she gathered fire around her fist and had her wind propel herself high above the mechanism before using the momentum to crash her fiery fist right through the its head and all the way down. A three- pointer.

She looked back at the other students and called to them

" Sorry, but I have to show someone that I am the greatest" and with a huge grin she ran off to find her next victim.

(Shoto's POV)
I didn't turn around to acknowledge my fathers voice, all I could do was stare at the self -proclaimed most powerful person.. I couldn't seem to tear my eyes away from her. Her (h/c) glistened as she was almost dancing while practically annihilating the robots. But as I saw it, her quirk was simple- manipulation and creation of the elements- it sounds like a big deal but most quirks are comprised from the elements, so it's nothing special. It's also got to be tiring, using ice too much freezes me so I can't imagine how she is feeling right using it over and over again..
Seriously she's got to be getting tired-
"SHOTO" lazily I manage to peel my eyes off her form and look at my father as I respond in a cold tone
"Yes, Endeavour?" I hardly managed to not spit out his hero name but anyone could hear the hatred in my tone.
" As I was trying to say, Shoto, there is no need to watch these students as you are already accepted into the school and better than all of them." He then glanced down towards (y/n) and the other examinees and smirked " they all look pathetic, look at that (h/c) girl down there, she's worn out all her power and just seems to be going along with the flow of the battle, she has no ambition."
My head whipped down towards her, she looked tired, but as I frowned she looked up, a boy was flying in the air facing a zero pointer. My eyes widened as I saw her reach her hands to the earth and create a barrier of vines and roots for all of the examinees as the debris of the bot can flying down and could have landed fatal blows.

As the boy fell he was embraced by the barricade gently.

But then the roots all disappeared and that's when I saw (y/n) fall to the ground.

Sorry this took so long I've been busy with school and work..
I had to rush this chapter but I hope you're enjoying it ^^


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