"Pss! Aria wake up." 

I quickly opened my eyes and sat up, expecting it to be Xander. "Xander! What the-" I started but, stopped when I noticed Coby sitting on the edge of my bed. He sat there with a huge grin on his face. "Oh.. it's you. You're lucky that I didn't hit you." I said as I stretched and then threw my hands down next to me. I watched his eyes for a few moments before I realized that he was staring down at my body. Then it suddenly hit me. I forgot that I was sleeping in my bra and thong. "Shit!" I shreiked as I reached for the blanket to cover up. "Next time knock."

He lifted a perfect eyebrow and then stood up. "I'm sorry. Did I scare you? I figured that maybe you wanted to join the party." He said in a sweet tone. "It's a little boring but, I'll keep you company." 

I let out a deep breath and and looked him up and down. He was standing there with only a pair of jeans that hung low on his hips.Yummy! I watched his muscles flex as he ran his hands through his dark hair. Hell! I guess it wouldn't hurt to spend some time with him. Maybe even lick his abs. Just a thought. At least I would have something hot to look at. "What is up with you boys around here? Don't you guys own shirts?" I asked, while grabbing for a dress that sat on the edge of my bed.

He let out a husky laugh and reached for my hand to help me up. "I just got done playing a game of beer pong and it was getting a little hot." He said with a smirk on his thick lips. "Now get dressed and then come join me."

I waited for him to walk out of my room and shut the door before I dropped the blanket down next to my feet. Then I quickly grabbed the yellow dress and threw it over my head. As much as I hated being there, maybe I could as least get a little enjoyment out of it. I walked out into the hallway and instantly heard   laughing and screaming coming from the back of the house. I shook my head and followed the noise back to the pool room. My eyes widened when I poked my head in the door. Somehow that idiot managed to get about twenty people to come over with thier games and alcohol.  

I jumped back suddenly when water splashed me in the face.

"Looks like the devil has decided to join us. Was hell... getting a little too hot for you?" Xander yelled over to me as he grabbed some girl and dunked her under the water. The girl came up a second later, laughing and slapping his chest.

I walked into the room and grabbed a cup out of some random guys hand. I downed the strong tasting drink and then threw the cup in Xanders face. "Well-"

Coby came up out of nowhere and threw his arm around my neck. "I invited her to join. I thought that it would be nice to get to know your new SISTER." He said while grinning at Xander.

Xander just stared at us both for a moment in silence and then let out a laugh. "Good luck with that. I'm pretty sure that she doesn't give a shit about getting to know you. Ditch her ass and come do some shots with me." He said as he swam to the edge of the pool.

I pushed myself away from Coby and headed over to a cooler to grab a drink. I would need a whole lot of drinks to make it through this damn night. I thought that Xander was hard to deal with. Now. Now there was a whole room full of idiots. Drunken idiots. "I'll be over here drowning myself in booze. Have fun morons." I hissed.

Coby waved his arm back at Xander and then came up behind me and gripped my wrist. "Let me get you something to drink. I've been told that I make a killer drink." He said in a sweet voice as he flashed me a full grin. One that would knock any girl off of thier feet. Any girl but myself.. of course.

Fuck it! What did I have to lose. If it tasted like crap, then I could just throw it in the pool and some hopeless drunk would fight to save it. Then they would probably lick the water just to get a taste. Those rich little jerk offs amazed me. Must've been nice to be able to throw a party whenever you wanted and to have your parents pay for all of the booze. "Sure." I muttered. "It better taste damn good though." I said in a cold voice.