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Faint knocks grow louder at each passing second Cara refuses to wake up. Cara throws her blanket over her face, groaning as her sleep-induced state slowly fades. She mutters a few unladylike words before sitting up, pushing her blanket away from her body. She slowly opens her eyes adjusting to the lightening of the small room.

Cara and Cassie rented this apartment 2 years ago, not big but affordable. The house is always clean so you may not be quick to notice the old furniture that they use.

Cara groans loudly when the knocks increases, she places her feet on the cold marble floor, getting accustomed to its coldness before standing up.

She wonders who is at the door, everyone that she knows, know that you are waging a war when you wake Cara up. Cassie wakes up by 5:30 am to prepare Max for school and cook breakfast, all these she does as quiet as possible because she doesn't want to wake Cara up. Cara is nothing near a light sleeper but she gets really cranky when someone wakes her up.

She drags her feet across the room, still in between being awake and asleep. She doesn't know how she manages to get to the front door in her state but it didn't matter she is already there, ready to see the idiot that woke her up. She places her hand on the metal handle of the wooden door and pushes down on it before opening the door.

The door reveals Alex, neatly dressed, suited up and looking uneasy. The minute he rode into Cara's street until he parked and got down, he has been getting weird stares. Maybe it's the Maserati he drove in or the Armani suit he has on but he knows he has to get out of the neighborhood as soon as possible before he gets abducted or worse.

"I need..." Alex begins to speak but he is cut off with a door to his face. Cara slams the door on the billionaire not thinking about what she has to lose.

It's 8 am, an odd time for Cara to be awake. She walks back to her room, throwing herself on the bed before drifting into dreamland.


Cara rolls to the right side of the bed and then to the left, a smile creeps up on her face as she does the same movement again. She can feel how comfortable the bed feels and how good her sleep was, almost immediately, the smile fades and her eyes shoot open.

Her bed is far from comfortable.

Her eyes widened in fear as the first thing she can notice is chandeliers hanging on the ceiling.

Her house has no chandeliers.

Cara sits up as she scans her surroundings with her heart beating inhumanly fast. She is sitting in the middle of a queen-sized bed, in a room bigger than her entire apartment. The room is absolutely mesmerizing, with high walls and draped ceilings, a huge curtain covering the light from penetrating and the walls painted white. A couch in the middle of the room, a long mirror resting on the wall, a table and leather chair also resting on the wall.

Cara comes to the conclusion that she has been abducted by a senseless person. He is senseless to abduct a person as broke as Cara. So she realizes that there's only one thing to do, she screams her lungs out, calling out for help.

Not smart, she knows.

Cara picks up the pillow beside her as she hears movement coming from the door, she lifts the pillow up as the doorknob twists. Cara gulps ready to see her abductee's face, her heart beating hard.

"I have a pillow," Cara announces placing the pillow up in a defensive mode.

"Good to know." The familiar voice accompanies the opening of the door.

Cara throws the pillow at Alex but it didn't get anywhere near him. He looks at the pillow on the ground in amusement then at the woman who threw it.

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