“Jess hurry up and get ready, james and them are gona be here soon” Ben shouted up the stairs “Im coming im coming” I huff grabbing my shoulder bag and phone. “Jesus Christ” His muttered when he saw me “Do i look bad?” I sigh turning around to go back upstairs. “NO, no no Jess you look beautiful” He smiled. “Really?” I giggled “Stunning” There was a knock on the door. “That’ll be them lets go” Ben smiled.

We went to this local bar in the town. I wore a short black dress, with a gold rim, and black heels, but somehow i was still the smallest one there.

“Jezz you look stunning” James smiled. “Thank you” I giggle “You don’t look to bad yourself” I wink. “Wheres the my jezz that never wore dresses, ay? Turning all girly again?” He chuckled. “ew no, fuck off” I scrunched my face up at the thought. “Anyhow c’mon you, aint you gona by me a drink or what?” I wink. “Your 16” He raised his eyebrows “And? They don’t know that” I roll my eyes, before smirking.

----Mr parker’s pov----

I sat at the bar. The music blasting through the whole buildings. Sweaty bodies dancing along side eachother. I normally come here for abit of fun, and im hoping for fun, its just thats not the reason i’ve come tonight. I need to get my head straight, i need to get this girl out of my mind. She’s 16 and im 22. She’s still in school and im her flipping tutor. She drives me crazy. I cant help my feelings towards her. Jessica Amelia-lee Woolliscroft, she’s beautiful, she acts like she doesn’t care about anything, always getting into trouble, but i can see thats not her, she’s different, she’s scared inside, she just doesn’t want to show it.

Ugh, there i go again, thinking about her. Right thats it.

After about 3-4 pints i stood up and join the crowd. I dance around abit, before i here a giggle, her giggle. It cant be? I search the crowd looking around for her. I sigh when i cant see her. Its all in my head. Stop thinking about her.

---Jessica’s Pov---

“Jeez sis, your pissed” Ben frowned. “R-really?” I giggle uncontrollably. “I’d best take you home” He sighed “NO!, nooo b-ben y-y-y-youuuu c-cannt” I slurred. Running off into the crowd. “JESS” His shout was faint but still could be heard above the noise. I ignored it and started to dance.

***Next Morning***

I woke up. My head pounding. Jesus it hurt. I reached for my phone off the side cupboard. 38 missed calls off ben. Jesus why doesn’t he just come into me instead of calling me. 6 messages. Crying out loud Bro. I opened the first one.

From: Benjie

Message: Where are you? Im worried xx

I frowned before opening the next.

From: Benjie

Message: Jess? Where are you? Your not at home! You okay? Xx

From: Benjie

Message: Jess please this isn’t a joke, where are you? Are you hurt? Xx

From: Benjie

Message: Jezza?

From: Benjie

Message: This isn’t funny now.

From: Benjie

Message: Jess.

What the hell bro? My phone vibrated.

From: Benjie

Message: Please come home, im scared your hurt, please just answer me

I looked up from my phone. Wait. This isn’t my room. My clothes were all over the floor. I was still wearing my underwear, which is a good sign i guess. I turn around i notice someone sleeping next to me. “Shit” I gasp.

His eyes opened slowly due to my sudden outburst. “Morning” He smiled “I urm morning” I frowned. I studied him slightly. I recognised him. I just couldn’t think who. I looked around the room, until i noticed a shirt and tie hanging up on the wardrobe. I quickly looked back at him. “Shit. No no no no no no no no fucking hell NO” I screamed jumping out of bed. “Jess calm down, its not what it looks like” He spoke calmly “NOT WHAT IT FUCKING LOOKS LIKE?” I scream. “No its not, just calm down, let me explain” He smiled weakly. I thought for a second before nodding slightly.

 I sat on the end of the bed “Well if its not what it looks like explain” I spat. “Dont be like that” He sighed. “Well, last night you were drunk, your brother had left, you were sitting alone, so i went over to you, asked if you were alright. You couldn’t remember a thing, you didn’t know where you were where you lived. So i brought you back to mine, I said you could sleep in my room and i would sleep on the sofa but you wanted me to stay, you didn’t want to be alone so i stayed. Nothing happened i promise you, i just wanted you safe” He explained.

“oh okay” I nodded slightly starting to feel uncomfortable. “Sorry” He whispered placing a hand on my cheek and turning my face to face him. “Do you want me give you a lift home?” he asked. I nod.

Ive just spent the night with my fucking teacher. I cant tell my brother that. He’ll kill me. What the hell was i thinking last night.

To: Benjie

Message: Sorry benj, im fine, just round a mates, im on my way home now, Love you xx

I got dressed and Mr. Parker gave me a tablet for my headache. “Can we go now?” I ask. “Ugh, if you really want to” He sighs. Before getting his keys “Lets go”

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