Epilogue ~ Johnny

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~6 Months Later~

It's been six months since I moved here, 4 months since me and Kenzie ended it, 2 months since I moved on and found someone new. Long distance  just didn't work Jenzie.

But today I wish I could hit rewind and go back 6 months. I wish I could go back.

It all started with a text.

Kenzie😶: john...

What does she want know? She knows I've moved on.

John😔: yes
Kenzie😶: you need to come home I need u

Seriously? Clingy ex.

John😔: Mackenzie I've moved on okay? I'm sorry

Why doesn't she understand?

Kenzie😶: johnny please, there's something I need to tell you and I know we didn't work long distance this is why you need to come home!

For gods sake! She needs to get over me!

John😔: fine what's the big deal?

She better tell me straight up I don't want to play games.

Kenzie😶: you need to help me look after our little boy. He's due in 2 months.

I drop my phone to hear it smash into thousands of pieces.

Who am I kidding? I love her. I need her.

But more importantly she needs me.

And so does our little boy.


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