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Requested: 'are you on your period?' 'You ask me that whenever I'm mad at you!'



Alex did something to make John mad. Really mad, so mad that John refuses to smile.

It's bad...

And Alex is too busy being himself-a workaholic- to figure out what's wrong.

"Hey, Princess..." I whispered, walking up to my boyfriend, who was sitting on our bed with his arms crossed. He just hummed, not flinching or turning to me. I grazed my hand across John's back, making him tense up. "Freckles, why did you give me a glass of ice?" I asked. "You need to wait for it, Hamilton." John told me, giving me a sarcastic smile, and then a glare.

I sighed and moved closer to John, kissing his neck lightly. "No, Alexander." He hissed. "John-" I tried to reason with the man who was shooting daggers at me, but I was stopped by my little boyfriend whining. "You're so mean to me!" He moaned. I sighed, picking him up and pulling him into my lap.

"Peach, you know I love you..." I whispered, kissing John as he slightly settled into my chest. I started to take off his shirt, seeing his black binder holding his chest in. John squeaked and forced his shirt back on. "No." He hissed. "But baby!" I whined. "I think your work needs more attention than me..." John spat, crawling out of my lap and curling up in the middle of our bed.

"Are you on your period?" I asked bluntly. I heard John gasp as he sat up. He glared at me as I got off the bed. I really didn't want to be slapped by my boyfriend, not while he's this mad. "You ask me that whenever I'm mad at you!" John hissed. "Well?" I asked. John scoffed and threw a pillow at me. "Well, learn some manners!" He muttered, storming out of the bedroom. I quickly picked him up, ignoring his screams and squirms, and pinned him to the bed.

"Alexander Hamilton, let me go!" John demanded. I cocked and eyebrow and grabbed a shirt and pants for him to wear to bed. He wore them all the time, I wasn't picking an outfit for him. "I'm not wearing that." John spat, making eye contact with me as he spoke. "Oh? Is that so, Princess~?" I questioned. John glared at me as he squirmed around, letting out soft grunts and squeaks.

I heard his grunts turn into cries. "John..? Am I hurting you..?" I asked, letting go of his wrists. He slid off the bed and curled up into a ball. "A-Alex..." he sobbed out, wrapping his arms and legs around my leg. "John... here... let's get you ready for bed..." I suggested. I could tell that something was hurting him just by listening to his gut-wrenching sobs. "I-I... A..." John stammered. I sighed and unwrapped his feet and arms from my leg, taking his hands and pulling him up.

"Peaches, use full sentences... you need to breathe..." I whispered into John's ear. I heard him trying to focus on his breathing. "I... Alex, I lost him..." John whispered. My eyes widened when I remembered what he was so upset about. I remember mourning, but getting back to my work. I queasy John never got over it...

Our two year old son was kidnapped... and we don't know where he is.

"J... John, that wasn't your fault..." I whispered to John, closing my eyes and kissing his head. "W-what do you mean, it wasn't my fault?! I freaking took him outside and looked away for one second! Alex, I let someone grab him! He's gone because of me!" John wailed. I picked him up and put him on the bed. I kissed his head and walked around to the other side. I hugged him at the waist, hearing him cry out.

"Shhh... John we're not going to do it again... not unless you want to..." I whispered. John snuggled into my chest and shook his head. I gave him a sad smile and kissed his forehead. "Is that why you've been so angry at me..? Did you think I forgot about what happened..?" I asked. John nodded and hugged his knees. I kissed John's cheek and neck, keeping him close as if he might slip away from me, too. "John, I'm sorry that I haven't been grieving... I thought that if I moved on... you would follow...' I admitted. John nodded and buried my head in his chest. "But I will never forget our baby... Philip will grow up... without us... and when he's away from the nasty person who stole him, he'll be safe and we clan find him..." I told John. He looked up at me with a quivering lip as he let tears fall down his cheeks. "Okay..." he whispered.

"I'll see my baby again..."

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