Part 10- Can I not have fun?

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When I reached Jordan's house and rang the doorbell then Jordan opened it "Yes– Oh my, Jess come in" Jordan said and I tried to walk but couldn't, I was tired of running and I haven't rested, My vision was getting blurry and I just fell down but Jordan caught me and carried me bridal style to the living room "I'll just call Lizzie and Joel and I soon fell asleep.

Jordan's P.O.V

I grabbed my phone and called Joel but he didn't answer and called Lizzie instead "Hello, Jordan?" Lizzie asked "Lizzie bring Joel and come to my place. Jess is here" I said "On our way" They said and ended the call.

Jess' P.O.V

I woke up with Jordan beside me "Hey Jess" Jordan said "Hey" I said and sat up and he handed me hot chocolate and I got it slowly and drank it "Thank you" I said and the door was being opened by someone and I looked and it was Lizzie and the group (YouTuber's and The Few) went inside and we talked a bit about what happened to me and soon everyone but Jordan (of course) and Sly left "Bye Jess" Sly said "Bye Sly" I said and Sly kissed my forehead and left and Jordan started a video "So everyone, Sorry for not posting a video today, Something happened with Jess and she has to be with me but don't worry, I will hopefully post a video Tomorrow" Jordan said and pointed the camera at me and I waved and faced it back at himself "Anyway's this is all, Hopefully Jess gets well soon and yeah, Bye" Jordan said and ended the vlog and posted it and I checked my phone and read the comments and there were comments that said 'Get well soon Jess' and 'I will kill the person that did this!' and soon I got sleepy and fell asleep.

Hey everyone, have a nice day!

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