Chapter 6: Lead pipes and skulls

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Anonymous Pov:

    It was night, the stars fluttering above her like a gorgeous swarm of butterflies, winking their cascading light onto the roof of the old suburban home. Staring through her window, using her idle hand to swipe away stray locks of hair from her face, sat Alex. The girl stared down in horror at the blaring blue and red lights that dappled the white home frighteningly, peering closely down at her mother, whose cinnamon bob curled in the white limelight. Her mother spoke urgently to an officer, who had his hands raised like he was taming a savage, suburban beast. The mother began to yell, frantically waving her hands about in her lustre rage, beating her fists along her thigh, trying to contain her anger and frustration. Her face grew red in the process, before she spun on her heel and rammed herself into the suburban home. Alex could hear her mother stomping around the house, probably cleaning the untidy home to keep herself occupied.
    Jacob was gone, Alex knew that, yet she couldn’t help but feel him watching. As she scanned the horizon of the street, her eyes lining the sidewalk before she noticed a dark figure intently watching her from the black bushes in the night. Narrowing her eyebrows, she keenly identified the figure quickly.
    “Jacob…” She breathed her first breath after the ordeal of her mother’s, standing from the seat that was held in the window bay. Alex dashed downstairs and leapt into the driveway, where she swerved past the perplexed officer to dive into Jacob’s arms.
    “I’m so sorry about Maddy…” She sobbed quietly into his shoulder, feeling his kind, gentle fingers slide down her back. They made their way into the crease of her hips, increasing their comforting grasp as he leaned in to whisper into her ear. Her whole body tingled with delight as he quietly sighed in the cold, musty air.
    “I don’t need Maddy, Alex. Who I need…” Jacob paused, seeming almost hurt as he swept away Alex’s silent tears.
    “I need you.”

    Alex grabbed him and tugged him closer, holding him tightly in such a warm embrace. She felt his lips trail up her neck, and slowly make contact with hers. Her heart was racing, her breathing heavy and in sync with his. His cheeks his usual rosy red that dappled across his nose, she took an idle hand and spun her fingers in his soft hair. Jacob tasted tentatively with his tongue, wrapping Alex in his starving kiss. Alex, though startled, fell into the wave of tension and moved along with his soft lips, keeping herself occupied by nibbling gently on his lower lip. Jacob lowered his head and softly pecked her chin, before pulling away. He seemed flustered, more red than he was previously, which made Alex giggle; but she too was breathing heavily.
    “What are we going to do about the officer?”
    “My mom already paid the fine…” Alex mused, hugging Jacob once again.
    “And the body?”
    They both glanced wearily at the body bag that was strewn across the driveway, which reeked of blood and mucus. Alex wavered on her toes, her eyes glued to the ground.
    “They’ll just dispose of Maddy.” She replied curtly, feeling her muscles tense with the re-lived horror. Maddy had the lead pipe in her hand before she tried to bash her ribcage in, before Alex grabbed her wrists and flipped her over, knocking her down the stairs to where she lay crumpled on the floor. Her body was misshapen, like dislocated bones jutted abhorrently from their joints, Maddy only squeaked when she tried to scream. In utter rage, Alex bashed Maddy’s skull into her own god forsaken head, beating her with the pipe for minutes, before the shape of the skull no longer looked like the petite female it once was. She broke into tears in realisation with what she had done, and dashed back into the house, with Jacob following quickly behind.
    Then her mother came.

    Everything was a blur, and Alex didn’t want to relive it. The officers said Alex would be charged, but the mother had paid them a large sum of money to stage the murder to look like someone else had done it. It wasn’t difficult, Alex was small and the wounds looked as though a navy officer had bluntly smashed the skull inward.
    Alex looked up from Jacob’s hug to see an angry pair of lovebirds running toward them.
    “Skylar… Weston...” Alex mumbled wearily, rubbing her eyes before leaping in horror, “Wait! I can explain!”
    She shoved Jacob away.

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