First mission part 3:The Akatsuki isn't smart cause we are kicking their ass!

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Me: Aaa, ramen what wouln't I do for some ramen right now?

Naruto: Hey, watcha doing? *eats ramen*

Me: Me want's to eat ya ramen/brain! *zombie style*

Naruto: Hey! It's my ramen! Get off of me!

Me: Give me ya ramen! I need ramen!

Naruto: I'm out off here! BTW! She doesn't own me! Mohaha. *walks away*

Me: *crying* I want ramen!!


He is just standing there. I looked over to Naruto who clearly was mad at this person. I recognised the cloak after the description I've got from Pervy-sage. He was an Akatsuki, and just that made me mad cause they want to take Naruto, and already got Gaara who is his friend. Even I don't under stand all the emotion I have I think that this feeling I have is that I must protect my friends!

"Those eyes!" I heard granny Chiyo say.

"Itatchi... Uchiha!" Naruto almost sneered.

So this is the person who tried to take Naruto three years ago. He is the elder brother of Sasuke, the one Sasuke Naruto's friend who ran off to a freaking pedophile cause he want to get strong so he can kill Itatchi to avenge his clan. Hum maybe I can do Sasuke a favor and kill Itatchi not cause of Sasuke who I don't even know, but cause of Naruto who is like my second younger brother! If I kill him we would have one less Akatsuki to worry about. I starts to smirk at the though.

"Itatchi... The boy who murder his entire clan." Granny Chiyo said.

"Naruto-kun... Kakashi-san. It's been a while." Itatchi said. 

When I looked closer at Itatchi I saw his eyes was out of the ordinary. The were read with three comma similar spots around the pupil. So this is the Sharingan. Naruto snapped at what Itatchi said.

"You bastard! First me now Gaara! I will beat the crap out of you!" Hehe then we are two on that one.

"Everyone! Don't look directly into his eyes, if you do that you will fall for his genjutsu!" Kakashi warned us while stretching out his left arm to block Naruto.

"How are we suppose to fight him if we can't look at him?" I asked

"Just look at his body and avoid eye contact and you will be safe. His genjutsu is an ocular type."

Fair enough I'm a close and long range combat fighter so it doesn't bother me so much, and I can always close my eyes and let the wind take control. I heard they others was talking but I don't actually hear what they said cause I was to busy controlling my urge to kill. Suddenly Naruto began to scream and started his rasengan out of nowhere. Shit he probably looked into Itatchi's eyes. I saw that Granny Chiyo and Sakura manage to get him out of the genjustsu. That's it I'm gonna take him down.

Before anybody could stop me I was on my way towards Itatchi. I heard Kakashi said that I had to come back, but nothing could stop me now not even me if I wanted to. The urge was to much and I had to satisfied it. I did a wind style sign and took both my swords that was attached to my hips, and started attacking Itatchi. But he manage to slip away, but not every time. He preformed a fire jutsu but I manage to nullifying it with my water style. I manage to get close to him and said.

"No genjutsu and ninjutsu. Just head on." Itatchi nodded. 

I started to laugh my horrifying laugh and I heard Naruto scream something to me but I didn't hear it. All I was focused on was kill, I want blood. Why should I stop now? Right before I was going to punch Itatchi right in his face he suddenly collapsed down to the ground, and I saw Naruto was standing behind him. He pouted something to my head and everything went clear.