13. I can't keep being the imaginary friend

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That voice.

Jungkook felt the pressure of a hand on his shoulder but all he could do was to bite his lip until it bled and close his eyes on a hopeless attempt of making him disappear or maybe wake up from the dream that suddenly became a nightmare.

The owner of the hand placed himself in front of Jungkook and, even though he didn't feel the same way he used to do, all he could think about in that moment were the factions of the guy he was facing. This sight of his ex boyfriend made him fill with memories of the days they used to love each other, mostly with the younger male having his eyes still closed, long lashes showing and slightly chapped lips that never touch each other in a resting expression showing his bunny teeth.

"Jungkook, you can look at me" he opened his eyes but later he wished he didn't. A more mature looking Yoongi was standing in front of him. The mint green hair was gone, now replaced with black hair that matched his black glasses. Pink thin lips and the same dark, deep and shiny. "How have you been?"

"Fine, but... I gotta go, Hyung" he licked his bottom lip, tasting the metallic taste of the blood he caused to flow seconds ago. He actually didn't have a place to go, probably just his house to make some popcorns and binge watch some serie he would give up on because Jin and Namjoon would watch it must faster. But the urge to escape the situation required a least a little lying. Not like you haven't lied to me before. The older nodded, almost like he was allowing Jungkook to leave. Both of them said their goodbyes and walked on opposite ways, until Yoongi turned around.

"Jungkook-ah?" He only raised his voice a little, enough for the younger to hear him and turn around too, facing the black-haired mess but this time having a couple of meters between them."I... can't keep being the imaginary friend you send letters to, grow up"

Even though those words made him feel like his world was suddenly falling down, he smiled the best he could.

"I will, Yoongi-hyung, bye"

I'm so impulsive when it comes to this story...
Heeey! So it's 6am now and I was trying to sleep when it suddenly popped up.
Do a narrated chapter.
So here it is!!
What do you think about this whole thing? Would you like Yoonseok in the end? Yoonkook? Kookie finding other love interest? Yoonkookseok?!
Because poly is bae too.
So... yeah!

I'm sorry if it's crappy😂

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