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Pluto! ~Black Butler~

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(Genuinely been DYING to do this one. I know, I know, alot of Black Butler episodes, right? DAMN STRAIGHT!)

*Recorded applause. Tacky Theme song begins to play.)

Theme song: He's gorgeous... like a snowflake in some crap!

*Recorded laughter*

He's lovely... like a rose in a bowl of cereal!

*More hysterical  laughter*

He's amazing... Like superman on steroids!

*Recording of people dying of laughter*


*Recorded laughter again as Tama-chan struts onto the stage and blows a few kisses to the camera, before plopping down on his new, throne-like chair.*

Tamaki: *Suddenly noticing the continuous laughter* What? What's so funny, my guests?

*Camera pans to Hikaru and Kaoru, who are standing in the sound booth, gripping there stomachs in pain as they laugh like maniacs. A caption scrolls across the bottom of the screen "Theme Song Writers". It then pans back to Tamaki, another caption appears "Hasn't heard the theme song yet".*

Tamaki: *Still confused* What are you all laughing about?! *Laughter abruptly stops* Thank you. *Sighs* Today we have another fantastic episode of TAMAKI LIVE! After the law-suits that occured from our episode featuring Grell Sutcliff, we've decided to pick someone who is less of a man-whore! *Recorded laughter*

*Suddenly Grell appears on the screen, sitting in an insane-asylum, wearing a straight jacket and watching T.V*

Grell: *Insulted* Hey!

*Tamaki and the set appears again*

Tamaki: So our special visitor for today will be... Pluto, from Black Butler! *Smiles excitedly*

*Pluto calmly walks onto the stage, dressed in a suit and glasses, looking like a civilized gentle-man. He takes a seat on the couch across from Tamaki's chair and crosses his legs, folding his hands in his lap.*

Pluto: It's an honor to be here today, Mister Suoh. *Smiles politely*

Tamaki: *Stares at Pluto, mouth agape* Your so... Elegant... Why, we've never had a guest who wasn't just like their character on the show...

Pluto: *Laughs* Oh, sir! Do you really think I'm that numb-skull of a dog? *Laughs more, then abruptly goes straight faced* I am.

Tamaki: *Confused face* Then... Why are you being so civilized?

Pluto: Because Sebby-chan told me he was going to punish me if I didn't behave today... *Whines softly, like a frightened dog.*

*Recorded "Aw's"*

Tamaki: Ah, I see. And, now, what sort of relationship do you and Sebastian share? *He smirks, thinking he may finally get some juicy gossip in this episode*

Pluto: *cheerfully* Oh, he's my master...! *Cricket noise plays*

Tamaki: Um... Your master? As in... Sexua-

Pluto: *Cuts him off* Yep, when I'm good he gives me treats! But when I'm bad... *Frowns* He punishes me.

*cricket noise again*

Pluto: *looking around frantically* Where is that cricket? I sure could use a snack!

Tamaki: *sweat drop* It's just a recording... There's no real cricket.

Pluto: *Suddenly enraged* What?! What sort of mean trick is that? *Stands and growls at him* Why would you pull a prank like that on me? Don't you know who I am? I am THE Hell-hound!

Tamaki: *Holding his hands up defensively* It wasn't a trick! It's obvious that there's no real cricket!

*Pluto growls and transforms into a giant white wolf. Tamaki, frozen in fear, stares up at him. Pluto barks, engulfing Tamaki in flames.*

Tamaki: *Slowly  turning his head to look at the camera, causing ashes to sprinkle out of his hair* I think that's all we have time for today... I need to go to the hospital... So we'll see you next time here... On Tamaki... Live... *Crumbles to the ground, turning into a pile of ashes. Pluto calmly walks off stage, shaking the ground with each step as Kyoya walks up to Tamaki's ashes and begins to sweep them up with a little dustpan*

Kyoya: *Glancing at the camera* He'll be fine.

*Fades to black, credits roll as the theme song plays again*

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