Chapter 5: Mom

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Brendas POV:

I am alexs mom. A suburban mom. I am pretty. And suburban.
I left to go on a business trip a few months ago. I new that Alex was having issues with teenage boys, they really are a handful.
"Hey Steve, I know this is a bad time, but I just feel like my daughter is in trouble. She never talks to me anymore, and I dont now whats going on in her life.. I think she needs me. Can I go fly down and see her for a few days?" I ask, as I begin to fiddle with my chanel handbag. I wait for a reply as he continues scribbling his signature on papers, throwing them over to his assistant.
"Yes, don't worry about it the business has been really good lately, so dont be gone too long." He replies, anxious to finish signing.
"Thank you Steve! I'll be in touch." I say, quickly running off.

I carry myself over to the plane as it issues to be taking off in a matter of time. Anxious to see alex I begin to grow a smile from ear to ear. As I board the plane I notice an empty seat next to a very handsome man, I hope he is suburban like me, they seem to be more approachable than urban men. I ask to sit down, only to be pushed out of the way by a tall, blonde, skinny and OBVIOUSLY urban woman. "Excuse me old hag" she sneers at me while hopping into the seat. I scoff, she is a child clearly, hence her actions towards a good looking suburban woman, myself obviously.

As the plane lands I flutter my eyes open, Alex doesnt now im coming, but she is gonna be so happy. I cant wait to see her. As I gather my weeks worth of luggage, I call a taxi, and wait to get picked up. As the taxi pulls up, I throw my luggage in the trunk and I hop into the seat. As we pull up to the house, the front door is wide open. I nop out of the car, only to notice a young boy, awestruck, standing in the doorway, while looking down. Quickly running over to the door, I notice alex, and scream in fear.... She-

Jacobs POV:

I hear a car pull up to the house, I dont care at this point. Everything is done. Gone. My world has shattered into a million pieces.. What have I done. An older woman, I am guessing is alexs mom, runs up to the door, screaming in fear. Another world has been shattered, its only a matter of time before-

Teehhehehehe cliffhanger XD :3 :P OwO

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