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i'm me,

myself is beautiful,

ingrained with happiness,

sorrow mars the boat,

but in this instance,

do i care?

i look beyond myself, as i am, i love me.

i'm proud of me, i cherish me,

how can you ask to hate what i love,

my scars are my beauty, they shine as armor

protection from with in and without,

you may not accept me, but in truth, i accept in life that not all can come true,

like a fairy tale, how can you accept beauty at face value only,

after all beauty can be simple, exquite but deceiving,

in all i want you to know that my beauty comes from within,

i accept my beauty, flaws and all,

it's who i am, an individual, a person.

yes, am proud, i accept me,

its all i have.

by mariam furaha

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