2. Not My Intention

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01x01; Pilot

(the gif is of Brea

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(the gif is of Brea.)

Rose walked towards the dance room before first block started, already seeing her teammates dancing and goofing around.

"Rosalie!" One of her teammates caught her attention.

"Uhm, its Rose. I thought there was no morning practice?" Rose frowned, fearing a demerit.

"There wasn't, just came early for the fun of it." She explained as Rose just nodded, she clearly ignored her correction, walking over to her cubby before tossing her dance bag in it.

"See you guys later," Rose smiled and waved softly before leaving the dance room. She still had ten minutes to kill before the bell, so she headed towards the art room.

The door was closed, so she looked around through the window, seeing Brea. Rose opened the door, earning glances. Once they realized it was Rose, they all quickly looked down. Except Brea. They all looked like they were trying to create something. What they were creating didn't matter to Rose. Also, no one was sitting next to Brea, leaving plenty of room for her.

"It's like they're scared of us." Rose said, not even at a whisper as she went and sat next to Brea. Rose crossed her arms as she eyed all of them.

"It's cause they are." Brea chuckled as she finished up her sketch. Rose chuckled along with her. "Descendants of a motorcycle club."

"Totally harmless," Rose said, though everyone knew, especially her and Brea, that the club has done some harm every now and then.

"Done," Brea signed as she threw her pencil across the table. Rose picked up the drawing, seeing it was the Sons of Anarchy symbol.

"Damn," Rose gasped as they both stood up to leave. Rose still held the paper in awe.

"Dad said if I keep perfecting it, or anything I draw in general, I could tat him up soon." She cooed.

"Yeah, I'm with your dad as well." Rose widened your eyes and laughed.

"Really?" She furrowed her brows.

"Definitely, maybe today, so we can show up to dinner tomorrow with a new gem." Rose smirked as the both of them left the room.

"How do you think 'Momma Gemma' will react?" She asked, grabbing the piece of paper.

"Please, the only tattoo she wishes us to have is a damn crow." Rose scoffed.

"Maybe we should bring it up to her tomorrow night, before we do anything." Brea said as Rose hooked her right arm around Brea's left.

"She's still pissed about the crash." Rose shrugged, as she looked at a newbie Mayan wearing his kutte up and down before continuing to stride with Brea.

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