Keira: Chapter 7

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One day of school was enough to make me want to stay off for the rest of the week, I couldn't go in and have people looking at me weirdly I hated it.

It was 12pm on a Wednesday and I did end up telling the police what happened, Ricardo was sitting on my bed chucking skittles in my mouth. I sucked at doing that though so we stopped and watched tv.

'I missed this.' He said and looked at me, I nodded and looked back at the screen.

'You still don't believe I'm sorry init?'

'No. I'm just trying to watch this.' He nodded slowly and came and sat next to me.

'How's the councilling?' I shrugged. I hated speaking about it, what normal 14 year old needed councilling for her mental health. I was seen as unstable and I hated it.

'Fine, how's your normal life?' I asked and he sighed.

'I wish you would stop. My life isn't-'

'It's better than mine Ricardo.'

'For fuck sake Keira stop feeling sorry for yourself, I'm helping you and so is your auntie why are you complaining?'

'When you should have been there you were kissing my best friend!' I said and he kissed his teeth.

'I thought we'd gotten past this.'

'You have, I haven't.' He stood up putting on his coat and walked towards the door.

'I'm gonna come back when you've calmed down.' I kept my focus on the screen and he left the house, I preferred being alone nowadays anyway it was so much better. I took out two of my pills and swallowed them down with some water and looked back at the bottle, they seemed to be helping, kind of. It stopped me from self harming and I was seeing a counciller one a week, I hadn't been recently because of school but I was managing. I picked up my jacket and left my house, I started walking down the road and turned the corner when I bumped straight into a boy and jumped.

'Oh sorry.' I said and then looked up, I recognised him instantly from the party a few days ago and tried hiding my face. I walked around him and he grabbed my arm and turned me back around.

'Wait... I swear I know you from somewhere.' I slowly shook my head avoiding his eyes.

'No, I don't think so.' He looked at me closely and a smile crept up on his face.

'Yeah I do, you're that girl from the party. You were all on it then you just started acting dodge.' I looked around and tried to walk past him but he blocked me.

'Can you move please ?' I asked.

'Nah wait, what's your name again?'

'Katie.' I said and he looked at me weirdly, I really didn't look like a Katie some obvious name. He nodded and I walked off quickly, I started feeling a bit lighthead and I tried to keep my eyes open as I sat down at the bus stop and waited for the bus. My head kept bobbing backwards as my eyes struggled to stay open, why was I so tired? I rubbed my eyes as my vision started to get blurry. My phone started ringing and I could barely see who was calling, I ignored it and got up I started walking instead to get some air and I lost my balance but someone caught me before I fell and helped me sit down on a wall. I looked up and noticed that same boy from earlier standing there, he looked concerned and I quickly looked away, slightly embarrassed.

'You sure you're alright?' He asked.

'Yes I'm fine, what are you stalking me or something?' He shook his head and sat next to me.

'No, I saw you looked pale and I forgot something so I was coming back and then I saw you-'

'Alright, I didn't ask for your life story.' I said and he laughed.

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