What's Inside

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1. Godmaker by therealfancypants69

2. VacuumWoman by HeroBreaker

3. An Afternoon with the Silver Queen by 5thBeastieBoy

4. Ocean Deep by #TeamEcrivain

/Part One: Ripple by VintageVulpes

//Part Two: Timekeeper by Alice_Iceflower

///Part Three: A New Dawnling Rises by KingBritain

////Part Four: Normal? by NimrodKirkpatrick

/////Part Five: Alpha Capella Nova Vega by elveloy

//////Part Six: How to Remake the World by AngusEcrivain

5. Love Guides the Wandering Star by #TeamDecoPunk

/Part One: Love Guides the Wandering Star by Holly_Gonzalez

//Part Two: Angels Just Below Heaven by TheNeutralParty

///Part Three: The Frozen Maze by JazzFeathers

////Part Four: Frau Only Drives the Chrysalis by WilliamJJackson

/////Part Five: Firefighter by minusfractions

//////Part Six: Blades of Mannahatta by LadyAmanita

6. The People Vs. Wattpad by #TeamWattPunk

/Part One: The People Vs. Wattpad by MadMikeMarsbergen

//Part Two: Undercover by Silentis

///Part Three: Mad, Bad and Writing for Wattpad by OutrageousOllo

////Part Four: Small Acts of Rebellion by Wuckster

/////Part Five: In the STARz by Emmalee_Sky

//////Part Six: The Extremely Serious Writers' Manual by H-A-Spade

7. The Winter War by #TeamSteamPunk

/Part One: PhantomLimbSyndrome by sigrist

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