//Part Two: Leverage I by bloodsword

///Part Three: The Wars at Home by ashiqtnt

////Part Four: Leverage II by bloodsword

/////Part Five: Redemption's Song by TheOrangutan

//////Part Six: Leverage III by bloodsword

8. War Time Machines by #TeamDieselPunk

/Part One by CarolinaC

//Part Two by torontojim

///Part Three by Davrielle

////Part Four by Dearest_Writer

9. Flights of Fantasy by #TeamCyberPunk

/Part One: My Two Loves by SarahWeaver6

//Part Two: Flights of Fantasy by RoshelleD

///Part Three: Return to the Lost City of Crescent by StevenBrandt

////Part Four: Why Am I Here? by NateTru

/////Part Five: Neuroplasticity by BenDWong

//////Part Six: Epilogue by RoshelleD

10. Interstellar Etiquette by #TeamFirstContact

/Part One: Are We Alone? by angerbda

//Part Two: Rules of Engagement by Gunnut

///Part Three: Encounter by kgillenwater

////Part Four: Pseudo-Purgatorio by Reverentia

/////Part Five: The Last Saint George by HardeeBurger

//////Part Six: Jupiter Diving by katerauner

11. Last Frontier Saloon by #TeamSpaceWestern

/Part One: Last Frontier Saloon by jinnis

//Part Two: Space Trash by innerfish

///Part Three: Gulch Rock by RainerSalt

////Part Four: The Edge by FoolsErrand

/////Part Five: Sureshot Sam by WilliamKlett

//////Part Six: One Last Trek by linahanson

///////Part Seven: Finale by jinnis

12. To Distraction by #TeamSFHorror

/Part One: The Harvest by tamoja

//Part Two: Steelsmithe by AllanFisher

///Part Three: Recover by Red_Harvey

////Part Four: Stygian Black by JesseSprague

/////Part Five: Unmanned Mission by prose-punk

//////Part Six: To Distraction by krazydiamond

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