Part 104*

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After Shravan and Sumo's date night, they had arrived home late, and immediately drifted off into sleep. The next day was going to be an eventful one and there were a lot of preparations that still needed to be made.


As the sun rose, lighting up Shravan and Sumo's entire room, Shravan slowly slipped out of bed, careful not to disturb Sumo.

Today was the day he was going to unite her with her precious PCT, and he knew that there was a lot of work yet to be done.

After taking a shower and getting ready, Shravan left a cute note and rose for Sumo besides the bedside table and left the room once he kissed her forehead.

Shravan rushed down the stairs and into Pushkar's room to find him coming out ready to go.

Pushkar: Ready Bhaiya??

Shravan: Yup! I'm ready! Everything is set!

Pushkar: Great! I explained the plan to Preeti and we're good to go!

Shravan: Great! I texted Preeta and she said everything is pretty much ready except for a couple of small things!

Pushkar: (grinning) And is your sleeping beauty still sleeping??

Shravan: (blushing) Yeah she is! And I turned off her alarm and closed all the curtains so she shouldn't be waking up anytime soon!

Pushkar: Yeah, but when she does wake up, she won't spare the both of us!

Shravan: Yeah, I know that. She's going to attack the both of us for this! She had no idea what we have done!

Pushkar: You're right Bhaiya! If anything happens to me, tell my child that their father was a great man! (Acting dramatically)

Shravan: Dude, Sumo is harmless!

Pushkar: Bhaiya, we call her Sumo for a reason!

Shravan: (laughing) Ok, enough of the jokes, let's get this party started!!

Pushkar: Yes!! Let's go!

Pushkar and Shravan were about to sneak out of the house when their escape plan was sabotaged as Pushkar saw Lalaji standing near the gate of the house.

Pushkar saw Lalaji standing and talking to the watchman outside, as soon as he registered the sight, he pulled Shravan's hand, yanking him behind a bush.

Pushkar: (Pulling him) Mission abort Bhaiya! Mission abort!

Shravan: What the hell happened Pushkar?! And why are we hiding!

Pushkar: Bhaiya how are we supposed to escape when Lalaji is------

Lalaji: (interrupting them) Shravan Puttar?! Pushkar Puttar?! What are you two doing behind this bush!?

Pushkar: (muttering) This Kutub Minar can't even hide himself! God knows how he played hide and seek when we were little!

Lalaji: (looking at Pushkar suspiciously) What did you say Pushkar??

Pushkar: (stuttering) N-n-nothing Lalaji.....

Shravan: (nervous) Lalaji what are you d-doing here??

Lalaji: I was just talking with the watchman after coming from my morning walk. But you two tell me, what is going on between you two brothers?? And that too this early in the morning. (narrowing his eyes)

Shravan: Ugh......we.....we were.....actually....

Lalaji: (laughing) Did Preeti and Suman kick you out of your room already?? See! I told you, these girls look innocent and harmless at first, but let them become wives and then you'll see their true colors! (joking around)

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