Chapter 12

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||Shaylee's POV||

I stand behind Xavier as he talks to some guard, they do some weird handshake and the guard opens the door for us with a smile. "So are you going to tell me what I will be doing exactly?" I asked crossing my arms over my chest. "Mostly just training but I would like to see how bad you are before we start." He answers as he turns his head to a big blue square in the middle of the training grounds.

I smirk, "Fine but give me 20 minutes to warm up, I don't want to get hurt." He just lifts an eyebrow while going over to a machine. I go over to the mirror that's placed opposite of where Xavier is at and plug in my headphones which I luckily remembered and begin stretching my muscles. Bending over and touching the floor with ease, I nod to myself in the mirror looking behind me quickly to make sure no ones in my way so I won't hurt or hit them while doing so I spot Xavier looking at me with curiosity in his eyes. Winking at him I begin doing 6 back handsprings in a row and end it with a full body spin. I don't stop there as I begin running forward going into some regular front handsprings ending that in a split. Yes, I'm that flexible. I look up into the mirror and spot multiple eyes on me wide in either shock or amazement. I get up and stretching a little more I begin to walk over to the flat taking out my headphones and pausing my music.

"Are you ready now, or do you want more attention kitten?"I hear Xavier whisper in my ear as he stands behind me. "Oh I don't know, but they should stay to watch the show in my opinion." I wink and go to the middle of the flat. "So who am I fighting first?" I ask Xavier loudly. He looks at me before pointing to the girl that came to my hotel room, I think her name was... Jackie? yes, that's her name. She looks from me to Xavier, a hint of nervousness in her eyes. Oh, she didn't tell Xavier about our mini fight in the hotel room. I smirk and curl my fingers at her to come to join me on the flat.

"I really don't think-" Jackie started but I elbowed her stopping her from ruining my fun. Jackie looked at me to Xavier but she also eyed the other people in the room most of the males and they were all looking at us with smug faces probably thinking I was weak and that Jackie was afraid to hurt someone weak. I rolled my eyes but the look in Jackie's eyes changed to that of determination, hmm...

"Ready?" Xavier yelled. "Fight!" The men around us yelled. Oh, it's on. Jackie begins to circle around me probably sizing me up looking for an opening. I close my eyes and tune the yelling out and focus only on her footsteps and breathing. She does not know this but she steps pretty heavily, she takes a step forward and I hear the sound of the wind on my left side so I take a step to the opposite side, my eyes still closed I turn my body and kick my leg out tripping Jackie over as she didn't see it coming.

I open my eyes and breath out, "This is child's play please put some more effort into your attacks honey." I wink at her. She gets up quickly and gets into a way too wide stand, she's so open right now. I sigh and motions for her to come at me, when she doesn't make a move towards me I decide to make the first move, I run towards her and she prepares herself, I have my right arm lifted shoving her that I will go in for a right hook but just as I'm about to hit her she blocks me but I wanted her to do that so I jump into the air and land in a handstand. I spin myself around before she can react and my legs hit her so now she's laying on the floor. I jump on her back and put my arm around her neck in a headlock while my legs squeeze the rest of her body so she's unable to move in any way. After she struggles for a bit, she taps out.

I let her go and get up. The whole gym is quiet as I turn to look at Xavier with a smirk playing on my lips. "That was a fun warm up, what's next?" I stretch my arms in front of me, I can see that Xavier is shocked, I mean I would too if some unknown girl just beat your best female fighter, well I would guess she is his best that is. "Darió! get on the matt and show her how we fight around here." Xavier says in a demanding voice and I see a guy, probably Darió, walking through the mini crowd that had formed, and onto the matt. Darió is a tall man, probably in his mid 20'ties with dark brown hair and eyes, he seems to have some Spanish heritage in him. He's wearing a pair of black training shorts and a red T-shirt, he's sizing me up just like Jackie did, seriously that isn't going to help. I may look fragile but I really am not. "I hope there's someone good at fighting here otherwise I will be disappointed I've only been training hand to hand combat for 1 year, yet this is so easy for me..." I sigh and get into a fighting stance. Darió is getting ready to bounce and I start moving from side to side so I'm ready to dodge. he steps forward and turns his left foot a little to the side so he will be stepping towards my left side but I see his fist coming so I grab it "tsk tsk... you are so obvious." I shake my head and turn around so my back is towards Darió and pull by the hand already in my hand and throw him over my shoulder and as he lands on his back I put my foot on his chest and twist his arm. I look at Xavier and he has a blank poker face on, uh uh did I overdo it? oh well. I sometimes seem to become a different person when I fight so I think he will ask questions. Fuck me.


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